It's 2018 and so you will notice there are some new things happening around here!

New name, same sense of humor

When I launched my lifestyle blog in 2014, I called it Perfect 10 SF because I have a size 10 shoe. SO much has changed in my life, in my hometown San Francisco, and the world since my first post. So while I still have the same down-to-earth, self-deprecating humor, I knew a name change was necessary.

Just Simple Joys

Truth be told, I really love Chanel shoes. They're SO glamorous. But I want my blog to reflect how I live my life, celebrating the simple joys.

What's New For 2018

If I'm being totally honest, 2017 was rough. I think for everyone. I decided I wanted to create a welcoming, warm community here. I want Just Simple Joys the place you head when you're having a bad day. I want it to lift you up and inspire you.

Affiliate Links With a Purpose

When I launched my site I used affiliate links, mostly to track my readers' click habits. I made some money and it was nice. As the blogging industry evolved, I felt frustrated that it seemed like everyone was trying to push products to make money. The other day a bright light went off and I decided to bring back affiliate links for a couple of reasons. I do want to know what products readers like, so tracking helps. I also wanted to participate in Amazon's new affiliate Influencer program. I like watching what Amazon is doing and they've been in the affiliate space for a long time but this new program sounded really intriguing to me. I buy 87% of things on Amazon so I thought it was a natural fit.

But the light bulb idea was to bring them back and use the money I make from them and donate it to a nonprofit. I will be donating a percentage my affiliate commissions to Benioff Children's Hospital (the other percentage will go to operating costs of my site).

I am excited for 2018 and all of the adventure that awaits! Thanks for joining along!




I currently live in my hometown, beautiful San Francisco, with my husband and our amazing daughter Lillian. Jesse is my best friend and partner and Lillian is our lucky charm. I am the middle of five children and definitely my parents' favorite.