Pregnancy Update: 15 Weeks.

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Happy Monday!! Excited to share this week's 15 weeks pregnancy update, especially since the news just broke that the Royal Baby arrived this morning! Kate Middleton had her third child, a son! I am also excited to share our *limited edition* Royal Bundle that just launched today on The Bundle of Joy site! Shop it here! It makes the perfect gift for the royally-obsessed mom, who also just had a new baby!

Everyone keeps asking me how I feel and I have to say, great! 15 weeks and loving life. I don't love the picture of me at 15 weeks but I don't want to miss taking a photo each week so Claire snapped this for me really quickly. This is what I look like on a normal day- casual, kinda messy hair, and a smile. I still rock that preppy look which is definitely not on-trend but I am just myself. Women, mostly over the age of 50, always tell me I look so nice- so hey, that's something! Gotta keep the ladies happy!

Still really hard to believe that we're having another baby. You think it's surreal the first time around, but wow, it's so unreal the second time. When I was pregnant with Lillian I felt like everything I thought and did was with the thought of being pregnant at the forefront of my mind. But with Baby Echo it's so nuts because sometimes I will forget I am pregnant. And I totally feel bad saying that, but with so much going on and not a real bump yet or baby kicks, it is easy to get swept away in what I'm working on. Honestly, before I would always talk to moms who were having their second and some of them seemed so nonchalant, like this "I got this attitude" and didn't seem to care as much about their second pregnancy. They never knew how many weeks they were or their due date. I always promised myself that I wouldn't be like that. I would give as much love and attention and energy to my second pregnancy as I did to Lillian. But, wow, what a humbling experience this is. Life is so much busier this time around and keeping up with a toddler is probably the most distracting in the world. Honestly, if you are having a big day or heard some bad news or are waiting to hear about a big announcement, I cannot suggest enough that you spend time with a toddler. They take up so much of your mental capacity and energy that you simply don't have room to ruminate on whatever is bugging you.

Talk about using all of your mental energy! This past weekend I had the special opportunity to have a two-night sleepover with Jenna's adorable two daughters. Lillian was in heaven having the girls over and honestly, we had a blast! Everyone keeps saying, "wow, how did you handle three kids?" but I just think about my mom who had five! The thing that I learned that is so funny, but cooking and cleaning for three kids is just the same amount of work as doing it for one kid, but the difference is you feel so much rewarded because more little ones to enjoy it! Sometimes it is the worst to cook for Lillian and she won't eat it. With three kids, you're bound to have at least one of them eat!

It was funny timing because I keep saying to Jesse (at the least opportune times, btw), omg are we having two kids or three? Because if we're only having two and this is my last pregnancy I have to really, really, really cherish it! Cherish every moment! Jesse keeps saying he wants three kids, ha! easy for a guy to say, right? LOL. And I love the idea of three children since I come from a big family but there are so many things to consider, especially the financial implications of having a large family. So, that's a long winded way of saying, we really don't know. I always get asked how many kids we are having. But geeze, seeing Joanna Gaines' (of Fixer Upper) pregnancy with her 5th at 40 years old makes me feel so inspired. It can sometimes feel like everyone is having kids so close together but I like the idea of them being spread out as well.

Okay, back to the update. I was on a walk at Stow Lake the other day and I always think through my blog posts in my head and usually "write" a rough draft and then get home and write them. I had some thoughts pop into my head that I forgot to share the last two weekly updates and will share below.

15 weeks update

Baby Echo is the size of a: Navel Orange! 

Due Date: October 18

Cravings: Still going super strong with the ice-cold Crystal Geyser water bottles. I have one in my hand and three empty ones in my purse at all times. I still can't get enough of the Chicken Salad from Souvla and their greek fries. YUM! Might have to get that for lunch today. Yes, definitely. 

Sadly, I haven't been craving any chocolate or anything sweet! Which is only so hilarious because I used to have ice cream every night. I really love ice cream- it's always been my favorite food. But I just haven't been wanting it. Sweets aren't really doing it. If I have something sweet it's because I want the sugar for a pick-me-up and not for the taste.

I also forgot to mention that I have a bagel pretty much every morning. This is not a craving, this is a requirement of pregnancy. I had a bagel almost every day with Lillian. It's the best part of pregnancy. But I also eat bagels normally so this isn't a big indulgence. I wish bagels didn't have such a bad rap. They are so good! Noah's Bagels hits the spizzzyyyy!!! I'm also not above eating the Bantam Bagels at Starbucks. They were on Shark Tank so I feel like I have a personal connection to the company. I know, I am such a weirdo. If I know your story than I love you.

But overall, I have definitely been eating so much more this pregnancy. I feel like a bottomless pit this time and I never felt that way with Lillian. But I have to live it up because when my bump gets bigger and my stomach gets squished I won't be able to fit as many bagels in there!! 

In writing these blog posts I hope that I convey that there's no right way to have a pregnancy and you should just feel good about it all. I honestly don't feel bad or guilty at all when I eat something. Like the French Onion Sunchips yesterday. I was like this is awesome. But I also would eat those if I weren't pregnant. I'm just saying don't beat yourself about what you look like or what you're wearing or how much weight you've gained or yadda yadda yadda. Just enjoy it!

Complaints: No complaints. Just feel like this would be a good time to mention how crazy my dreams have been! I TOTALLY forgot about this!!! Holy cow, I feel like I am Bradley Cooper in that movie "Limitless", that I actually had to turn off because it was so scary to me. My dreams are soooooo insane to the point that for a few mornings I woke up so tired because I felt like my brain didn't get to rest. Seriously, they are so vivid and real and I'm like whhyyyyyyyy? They're not nightmares, they're just so intense that I'm like #mindblown

Oh, my prenatal vitamins are still a drag and I want to try some other ones.

Common Symptoms: Symptoms that are typical during this stage of pregnancy include indigestion, heartburn, bloating, headaches and growing pains. Luckily, I haven't had any of these.

Weight Gain: 4lbs I need to get a scale for my house. I got rid of the scale after my last pregnancy when we moved. After the first trimester you're supposed to gain a pound a week. Can't wait!

Pregnancy Comparison: I think the biggest difference would be how this pregnancy I sometimes forget that I am pregnant! Both pregnancies I have wanted salty over sweet. But they also say that's because your body wants more water. I have been drinking soooo much water this pregnancy. My bump is definitely bigger but I am still wearing my clothes and not maternity clothes. I think this process always reminds me that I wear clothes that are too big, I mean if they can still fit when I'm pregnant!

Lillian Update: Lillian is doing great and will be three in June. We can hardly believe it. She loves kissing my belly and saying hi to Baby Echo. It definitely helps that her teacher is pregnant and that Claire is due so soon!

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