Pregnancy Update: 17 Weeks.


Yay!!! Omg major bathing suit pictures coming at you today (sorry!!!), butttttt, honestly, I write the blog as a time capsule and keepsake for my life, especially the memorable-but-easily-forgotten memories of pregnancy!!! Plus, in a few years or decades I think I'll be like, "wow, I looked awesome!" Plus, I'm trying to share what it's really been like and what's hiding under all the black clothes I wear! I hope these pictures encourage people to snap pictures of their pregnancy as a keepsake, not necessarily to share. No matter if it's your first or second or third or fifteenth like the Duggars, you'll always be happy you have the memories. I love looking at pictures of my mom when she was pregnant and want my kids to be able to have access to pictures of me. 

These pictures are from the beach at the Mauna Kea on the Big Island. We were there last week and we left Wednesday afternoon right before all of the earthquakes and volcano eruptions happened. We had a magical time and I hope everyone there is safe. I will share more about our visit and what we did later. It truly was an amazing trip and so special for our family!

Lillian, Jesse and I are all wearing bathing suits from Vineyard Vines-- pretty much my go-to for spring and summer wear. Lillian's bathing suit is here, mine is here, Jesse's is here. Definitely, check out all of their summer items- so preppy and darling!

Jesse and I had our 17-week doctors appointment this morning at 7:30 am. We always try and get the earliest appointment of the day so that Jesse can make it and still get to work early. It was a brief appointment and everything looks good. We heard the heartbeat right away and our doctor said it sounded nice and strong. No matter how many times you go through pregnancy, you're always holding your breath as you wait for the heartbeat to be discovered.

Jesse and I were talking this morning how excited we are to find out the sex of our baby! Our doctors appointment is May 18, so in two Fridays and we cannot wait!! I am getting more and more excited! It's definitely been the year of the boy- so many people are having boys and so people keep saying I am having a boy. And the Chinese calendar says boy, too. But I feel like we're having a girl. Nothing feels different physically that makes me think boy but I think because everyone says boy, I'm saying girl. But, of course, we are thrilled with either. Just as long as they are healthy and happy!

I am really, really excited to find out the sex so we can start thinking seriously about names. And I really, really want to clean out Lillian's closet and go through things. If we're having a boy, I will get rid of a lot of things. It's so funny because people probably don't know this, but my version of nesting is getting rid of things!! I don't like to buy things as much as I like to purge.

This sounds so nuts but this is how I think- I want to find out the sex so that I can paint the nursery because I really want to paint our bathroom and it makes the most sense to paint them at the same time. Ha. But I might just paint the bathroom soon and paint the nursery in the fall. We'll see.

Oh, and the other great news is the doctor said I could be in the room with Claire when she's delivering!! I had heard (and read on the internet) that if you're pregnant you are not supposed to be in the room when a woman is in labor. Our doctor said that's not true!!! I can be in there (if Claire wants me there!).

17 weeks update

Baby Echo is the size of: a pomegranate!

Due date: October 18. Our doctor just confirmed this morning that we are still October 18th! But of course, there is always a range. I think our baby will come October 15th!

Cravings: Still loving Crystal Geyser ice cold water!! I am lucky that I get to work with great companies through my blog on partnerships and such, but Crystal Geyser is the one company I am proactively trying to connect with to sponsor me!!! How fabu would that be!!

I have been enjoying cereal and fresh squeezed orange juice. So sad- haven't been craving any sweets!!

Complaints: No complaints! Loving life and feel so recharged after our vacation. Excited to be home and get back to work and our routine.

Common Symptoms: 
GI Issues, such as heartburn, indigestion, and nausea, are some of the most common pregnancy discomforts. I've been lucky, haven't had this. Didn't have acid reflux until the end of my pregnancy with Lillian, like 38 weeks. And I just had to carry tums around all.the.time and have a few a day. 

Skin Pigmentation: I actually don't usually get this during pregnancy. I got this skin pigmentation after when I was breastfeeding because of the changes in hormones. They're still on my face and I try to avoid sun exposure on my face at all costs. I ALWAYS wear sunscreen and a huge hat. That's why I always wear sun hats- ha, it's not for style. Totally functional.

Weight Gain:  9lbs!!! So at the doctors today I was finally able to weigh myself. I've gained 9 lbs since I first found out I was pregnant. I was so excited! I feel so great and 9lbs is fabulous. I've never cared about the number on the scale because I've always been taller than everyone else and naturally weigh more. I just looked at my 17 weeks update with Lillian and I see I gained 5 lbs at 17 weeks....hahahahahha. I don't even care! Ha. So maybe I am having a boy! Definitely bigger.

Pregnancy Comparison: Welp, I guess the first thing is the difference in weight gain! Other than that, feel really good. 

Lillian Update: Lillian is doing really well. So fun and spunky. She just had her preschool graduation and was so darling. She loves the stage. Everyone asks me if I tell her how to act or what to do and the answer is honestly, no. I want her to develop her own personality and never really ask her to stop and pose- hence why she's never looking at the camera. I just try and make sure she is loved, has good manners, and thinks of others. She definitely is at the age where she is purposefully pushing her boundaries so it requires a ton of patience. Luckily, I have that- thank you mom and my big family and all of my students at Sacred Heart Prep who always tested my patience.

I just ordered her some new books because we've been reading the same ones over and over. I also order No Drama Discipline and can't wait to read it. Jesse and I are going to both read it so we're on the same page.

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What's your guess for the sex??


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