Happy Mother's Day to everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends. While I know it is a special day for so many, I want to acknowledge how hard it can be for many, as well. Days that highlight special relationships can sometimes make people feel like something is missing in their lives. Mother's Day is probably the most poignant day for many.

Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for my mom and Lillian and for being pregnant with a healthy baby. I talk to my mom every day and I always tell her how much I love her. Every day before I drop Lillian off I thank her for big and small things. I truly believe you can never be too grateful for all of life's blessings and the more you acknowledge and share that gratitude, the more those wonderful blessings will grow.

I also feel particularly lucky that Jesse and I have the unique fortune that both of our parents live close to us and that we can see them both in one day, and if we're extra lucky- get them all together. We spent all weekend with Jesse's family and then joined my family for a Mother's Day celebration on Saturday.

With nights of interrupted sleep, a messy house, and all of life's crazy happenings, I always say to Jesse we can't forget to enjoy and celebrate this time in our lives because they truly are some of the best days of our lives with our growing family, our healthy parents, we're healthy, and we get to work professionally on companies we love. I truly don't take a day for granted and that might drive people crazy and think that can't be real, but I don't. My secret recently has been when Lillian is putting up a stink and I find myself getting low on patience I just tickle her!!! I don't know why this parenting advice is never given but it's been such a game-changer for us. She is so ticklish and bursts out laughing. It's a great reset for us and we she usually forgets what she was being so stubborn about!

Speaking of gratitude, I have to say thank you to everyone who has reached out to me to say how much they enjoy these pregnancy updates, especially those who are expecting! I know when I was pregnant with Lillian there were hardly any pregnancy resources that I felt were conversational and accessible for me. That's one of the reasons why I started writing my posts- I hoped someone would benefit from them. It's always so amazing and rewarding to me when I look through my site analytics and I can see that people are still reading my pregnancy updates from my last pregnancy, years after I wrote them.

I mentioned this before, but I am also aware of how unique each person's journey to becoming a mother is. And I hope that these posts give those who want to become a mother one day hope and positivity. My intent is to be inclusive, not exclusive in writing these.

I have had so many people tell me they are pregnant with their first and it makes me so happy!!!!! There is literally nothing better than your first pregnancy. There is so much excitement, energy, and support and I hope you first-time mamas are soaking it all in!! I do have a few tips that I've shared with Claire and other first-time moms that I want to share. Because, again, no one told me these things!!

In no particular order.....

Record your pregnancy. I cannot suggest this enough. Do it in whatever method suits you, whatever you enjoy most, and whatever is the easiest so you stick with it. I'm talking journaling, weekly bump photos, letters to your baby, a blog (!!), set up an email account for your little one and have everyone email them. The ideas are endless. But you won't want to forget these moments and sadly you will! I am soooooooo grateful I wrote so much the first time around and love looking back at the posts (typos and all!) because it brings me right back to that moment in time.

Get a new bra. Wow. No one told me this and to be honest my melons were a little pissed. Depending on your cup size the timing is different. But around 20 weeks get a bra without underwire. I think GapBody is a good option for these- they have a new line Gap LOVE and I like the material they use. It's also a good time to get a tank bra. Then get another one around 37-38 weeks. You will definitely go up in cup size, but especially in bra size because your ribs are expanding. This is when I suggest getting a nursing bra. I like Bravado for around the house- available on Target and Amazon and I think Nordstrom. They're t-shirt bras. Definitely get hot pink like I do-- still gotta keep it fun. And the other brand I suggest is Cake Maternity. They have the best nursing and sports bras. They also have sizes up to 42H so there really is something for everyone. While you're at it, swap your thongs for full underwear.

Plan your babymoon. It doesn't have to be elaborate but getting away with your partner is super important. It's great to bond, enjoy each other's company and take a little vacation. We went to New York for our Baby Moon and a few weeks away in Sonoma. It was amazing!

Update your registry. I think I'll do a full post on my registry recommendations later. It's cool to see how many new great products have come onto the market since I had Lillian.

Paint the nursery. Just keep in mind you will want to paint the nursery 2-3 weeks before your baby arrives so that it can air out.

Talk with HR. Don't forget to talk with Human Resources where you work and figure out all of the logistics of leave and state leave and disabilitiy. It takes time to file all of that. Also, don't be afraid to ask HR for more unpaid time off or other requests you and your partner have.

Think about childcare but don't worry about it until after you have your baby. Usually nannies want your child to start right away so you don't have to start looking until after you have the baby. More on this later.

I think that's it for now. Trying to think if there's anything else! Again, SOOOOOO excited for all of the first time moms out there!! Email me if you want to get in touch!! 

 18 weeks update

Baby Echo is the size of: an artichoke!

Due Date: October 18! yay! Can't wait!! The other day I was at Starbucks and heard a barista and two people waiting for their drinks talking about how Libras are the worst because they break everyone's hearts! I loved how serious they were on this topic and I had to chime in and say tell me more, I'm pregnant with a Libra! Ha- they backed off a little bit from their views but were saying how Libras broke their hearts. 

Some astrology site says, People born under the sign of Libra are peaceful, fair, and they hate being alone. Partnership is very important for them, as their mirror and someone giving them the ability to be the mirror themselves. These individuals are fascinated by balance and symmetry, they are in a constant chase for justice and equality, realizing through life that the only thing that should be truly important to themselves in their own inner core of personality. This is someone ready to do nearly anything to avoid conflict, keeping the peace whenever possible". I don't know if that really sounds like a heartbreaker to me. Sounds like a peacemaker. But I just looked and Libras are through October 22nd so if Baby Echo is late then we will have a Scorpio.

Cravings: Still don't really have any cravings but have been enjoying food a lot more than normal. Everything tastes so great. I had some Hot Tamales candies the other day and was like omg these taste amazing!! Still can't get enough Crystal Geyser water. Going to email them today! I haven't really had any aversions either. I've heard those are worst than the cravings.

Complaints: Wowza, my skin is dry! So painfully dry that I am trying every lotion and cream under the sun. It's not so much from being pregnant but from being in Hawaii and then coming back home with the dry weather. I've been using Naty Organic Pregnancy Creme and my friend Meghan sent me some oil she loved.

I definitely have had that typical pregnancy back pain much earlier. It's also exaggerated by the fact that I pick Lillian up and she is getting heavier!! Excited to go swimming this week and take a few pilates classes.

One thing I am definitely happy about is that my multivitamins aren't giving me a stomach ache anymore! I am so happy because it was just annoying and I found myself skipping a day or two to avoid the stomach aches.

I have given up caffeine entirely in the past two weeks and it's actually been okay. I've found that I love going to the coffee shop and getting a chai or a decaf mocha. When I was in Hawaii I had the BEST decaf mocha, seriously the best, from my favorite coffee shop in Hawaii (I had it first in 2016 when we were in Oahu) and I thought there's no point in drinking coffee anymore when I get home. It will never be this great. But what really convinced me to give up coffee was I was reading (and I knew this, but reading it again made me feel very strongly about it) is that caffeine makes its way to the baby and causes the baby's heart rate to speed up. That just made me feel like I'm not going to do caffeine, not worth it for me to worry about it. But I honestly don't judge anyone who has coffee. To make up for my low energy I find myself having more sugar...ahem Hot Tamales.

Common Symptoms:

  • Swollen feet and/or hands. Swelling can be an annoying pregnancy symptom.
  • Backaches. Baby's putting a lot of pressure on your insides, causing aches and pains in your back.
  • Leg cramps. Cramps can be a sign of dehydration, so drink up!
  • Varicose veins. 
  • Trouble sleeping.
  • Nosebleeds.
  • Baby kicks.

Luckily, I haven't had too many symptoms. No swelling, some back aches, no leg cramps, no varicose veins, trouble sleeping because we have a toddler who gets up (!!), not full-on nose bleeds but definitely had bloody boogers.

Baby kicks: Yay! I am sooooo excited about this!! I definitely feel movement when I lay down and it makes me so happy. I don't remember feeling movement this early last time so I have to go back and read my previous posts. I can feel a little round bump at the top of my uterus when I lay down and I love just resting my hand on there!! Can't wait for the baby to get bigger and feel those jabs! Love it!!

Boy or girl: Thanks so much to everyone who is excited to find out what we are having!! We can hardly wait. Last week Jesse and I kept saying how we can't wait. I was telling Jesse it definitely feels a little more exciting the second time around because it's adding more pieces to our puzzle. Everyone keeps telling me they think I am having a boy! I'm really not sure and I can't wait to find out. I am seriously excited for both.

I also keep having this weird feeling that they're going to get it wrong. Tell us boy and it's actually going to be a girl. I don't know why. I think I won't fully believe it until I'm holding our baby!!

We have one boy name and one girl name picked out and we can't wait to find out the sex and finalize our little one's name.

I had a daydream of having a big gender reveal at the Presidio Golf Club where we had our rehearsal dinner and Lillian's 1st Birthday but I am leaning towards keeping it really small. 

Weight Gain: Still at 9lbs- just got our new scale!

Pregnancy Comparison: Still feeling really great. I actually feel like I have a lot of energy this pregnancy and more than I was expecting. I think it helps that Lillian is almost 3 and really independent so I can take a few moments to recharge or shower while she's playing. Everyone keeps asking what feels different this time, I think to see for any hints of gender- I don't know if other moms felt different when they were pregnanct versus a boy versus a girl? But things physically feel pretty similar.


Lillian Update: Lillian has definitely changed a lot in the past two weeks. Seeing her with all of her cousins made me so proud because she is growing into a lovely little three year old. From the moment she turned 2 last June she has been an absolute force and it has been incredible to see recently how she has channeled that energy (due largely in part to the help of her teachers and wonderful preschool environment) and is becoming such an articulate and bright lady.

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PS- Wearing my favorite Vineyard Vines dress last seen here. I really feel if you shop well you don't need to buy a lot of clothes!!