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Happy Monday! I am so excited to share we had an amazing weekend with our families and learned the news that we are having a GIRL!!!!! We can't believe it! We are over the moon and the more time that passes the more and more excited I am becoming!!

We had our ultrasound on Friday late afternoon and the appointment was about 45 minutes. Our phones were going crazy because people thought we were going to find out at the appointment. But we actually had the technician write the information on a piece of paper and put some ultrasounds in the envelope so that we could be sure of the answer! We were so grateful to hear at the appointment that everything looks great with our growing baby-- such a relief!

Waiting from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning wasn't that difficult- I think others had a harder time! I kept thinking, wow, our lives are going to change with this information. And I also kept thinking about people who, like my sister Caitlin with two of her pregnancies, wait until the baby arrives to find out the sex. Wow. Good for them! I definitely have to say I could never do that because after learning the exciting news I have been making so many decisions and reflecting on my emotions! It's a lot to process and if you have seen the video of me I don't totally react over the top because it's so surreal and you sort of pass out. I think this is the closest I will feel to proposing! I could just hear our families screaming and everyone was so excited! I didn't even really see the pink smoke as a cloud. I just saw it remnants of it blowing away!

At our appointment on Friday, I swear I heard the technician say "he" at one point so that made me feel like maybe she slipped up and said something she wasn't supposed to. And it was the weirdest thing. All morning when we were getting ready for the party the funniest things kept happening. I had a blue and pink onesie on our mantel with a pink and blue glassy baby over each one and Lillian pulled the blue onesie and the glassybaby came crashing down and shattered everywhere! Then, when we were trying to blow up the balloons the blue ones kept popping. I thought maybe that's a sign. But afterward, I thought well maybe we're just not supposed to have any blue in the house!! For now!

I am thrilled we are having a girl and I am over the moon that Lillian will have a sister. I know they will be fast friends. I did say to Jesse before that if we have a boy it's nice to know that we have one of each- we'll definitely get to experience both. But the other thing I have always known to be true and articulated to Jesse early last week was that throughout God has always given me what I have needed- not necessarily what I have wanted, but always what I have needed. I am so grateful for this special blessing. And I definitely love that I don't feel bad buying beautiful clothes for Lillian because I know they will be used again!!! <3

Yes, I am so excited about everything. I mentioned this before but my version of nesting is to purge. This morning I just went through Lillian's closet and storage bins and got rid of so much stuff. It feels so good to get rid of things and have less stuff. I am not the type of person that likes to have a lot of things. Actually, I have a pretty thin closet myself because I don't like having a lot of things. My dream closet is not full to the brim- it's neat and organized with pieces I love. I usually wear things for a bit and then rotate with my sisters. I will give Colleen something to borrow and then she will give it to Caitlin or to Claire. I'm the biggest of my sisters so they all can fit into my clothes but I can't fit into their's- especially the shoes!

I have to mention how much I love Jesse and his reaction! He is always so happy and upbeat about everything. I really could not have asked for a better partner! We make such a great team and I always tell him he's a great co-founder in our family.

We were so lucky to have our families with us to share in the excitement. Everyone was wearing blue except for my brother-in-law Mike who was wearing a pink golf shirt with blue stripes and my mom who was wearing blue and pink layers and stripped off the blue once the cannon was shot!

There was something so special about finding out this news and I am so glad we shared it in an exciting way. I didn't want to do a big gender reveal for attention- I wanted to do it so that my family could collectively experience joy. Also, our families have been there by our sides for every milestone so why wouldn't we include them in this. I couldn't imagine how it would feel to be laying there in the exam room getting an ultrasound and just having the technician tell us the news. That's just not how I roll- I'm all about making a party of everything.

I originally wanted to do a big bash at the Presidio Golf Club and invite everyone we knew but then I decided let's just do it at our house and welcome everyone to our home. It worked out perfectly since everyone was an hour late due to Bay2Breakers traffic! I was saying how the traffic delay only enhanced the exciting announcement!

So, to everyone out there who is debating between doing a gender reveal or not-- DO IT! It's so fun! Look on Etsy for some good ideas on how to share the news or check out @HowTheyRevealed on Instagram for some really creative ideas! 

Oh, I can't remember if I shared that I had a dream last week that we were doing the smoke cannon and right before Jesse twisted it I looked down and saw a pink sticker so I knew before it went off it was a girl. I woke up so sad because in my dream I wanted to be surprised and the pink sticker ruined it! Jesse said he would never let that happen to me in real life!

Also, the big details of the storyline are missing! Silly me! So we went to the doctors on Friday, she wrote it on the card and sealed it! Then we put it on our mantel with the two smoke cannons- blue and pink. When everyone was over and we were ready for the reveal, we all went outside and Danny, our chosen trusted secret keeper, opened the envelope in the house and saw the news. He then took the correct cannon outside and presented it to us. He had a whole spiel that we all got a kick out of! Everyone did a countdown from 5 and then Jesse tried twisting the cannon and it didn't work at first. We all laughed and then did another countdown and Jesse got it and there was the pink smoke!!! The rest is history!!!!

We can't wait!!!!! Ahhhhh, yes I know what you are thinking now....NAMES!!! First let me share that we have had two girls names for a while and those are our top contenders. We didn't have a boys name that we loved but the one I kinda, sorta had on my list was Spencer. I like the name but is made me think of Spencer from Pretty Little Liars and I didn't love that.

Jesse and I were saying last week that we're probably having a girl because we only had girls names that we liked. So we have two and we'll probably share the one we've picked a month or so before because we want Lillian to know her sister's name! But we shall see..... so much can change between now and October.

I have to thank everyone for their well wishes. It has been so touching to hear from everyone, especially friends and moms who have two girls and say it's the best ever!! I did have a feeling we were having a girl because so many people i know have two of the same sex.

I also wanted to put on the invitation for the party, "come for the drinks, stay for the sex" but decided my mom wouldn't like it if I did that! LOL. Doesn't matter how many kids you have, your mom's voice is still in your head!

And yes, your second question. I am thinking about the nursery colors and want to pick it soon so that I can paint the bathroom! Spoiler alert- I am doing something fun because eventually that room will turn back to a playroom and the girls will share a room and the bunk beds!! From a logistics perspective, it is a dream to have another girl!! But I also have to say that one of the reasons why I wanted a boy was so that he could be friends with Claire's baby boy! How fun would it be to have boys together? I do have to let the Chinese predictor calendar maker that their information was incorrect! It said boy for us!

We are just so happy and I can't wait to welcome our baby in October! Just five months away! It's going to fly by. Next week at 20 weeks we are half way! Claire is due next week so we are on baby watch! Can't wait to welcome her baby boy!!


19 weeks update

Baby Echo is the size of: A mango! She is about 6.0 inches long and weighing in at about 8.5 ounces. So hard to believe!

Due Date: October 18

Cravings: I haven't had any cravings and was so disappointed last week when I got Souvla and it didn't hit the spot! Going to have to go this week and see if it's still delicious!

Complaints: No complaints! Excited for summer and can't wait to spend more time outside. Oh, I guess that's my complaint. It has nothing to do with pregnancy. I just have been so irritated by the weather. Expect to see us in Marin and Sonoma a lot more! We need to get away from the wind, it's been nuts in the city recently.

Common Symptoms: 

  • Abdominal aches and pains. None. Thankfully! 
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness. None. Thankfully!
  • Leg cramps. Just one normal cramp last week.
  • Hip pain. Not yet!

Baby kicks: YES!!! I can feel movements that they call "quickening" and I can definitely feel the baby move up to the top of the uterus when I am laying down. Gosh, I can't wait for those big movements and kicks. They are my favorite.

Weight gain: 10 lbs and feeling great!

Pregnancy Comparison: Both pregnancies have been really, truly wonderful. And this week I am feeling like I definitely can't have this be our last pregnancy!! Honestly, the one thing that makes me not want to have three kids is how expensive it is!!!! How did my parents raise five kids in San Francisco?! I always say three is the new five.

I have had a sore back earlier on during this pregnancy and have been working out and getting prenatal massages. They are the best. I went to Katy at The Mindful Body and I loved how much pressure she used. The past two massages I have gotten the practitioner has said, "oh I can't do it hard or else you will go into labor" and basically gave me an oil rub. Loved what Katy did and I can't wait to go back!

Lillian Update: Goodness gracious, Lillian has been a dream recently! She is so explorative, hilarious, playful, loving, and truly just a bundle of joy! We can't get over how much she is learning and thriving and growing. She will be 3 in just a few weeks and we have loved every minute of watching her grow. We always knew she will be a fabulous big sister, but we can't wait for her to have a sister!

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