What a weekend!!! Good things all around! Claire had her baby and I will be sharing more details on that later!! She said she might even do a guest post! What I can say is that she is truly a rockstar (I never talk like that, but there is no better word to describe her during labor and delivery). She was INCREDIBLE!!!!! She is doing amazing and baby boy is healthy! Waiting to share details for a bit since she's so focused on her newborn!

The Warriors won!!!! What a nail biter! I actually left the room and started cleaning because I couldn't watch it! I came back in the room when there was two minutes left and we were up by a lot.

We finally got some sun in San Francisco!! After so many cold, windy, grey days it was incredible to get some warmer, sunnier weather. It was especially enjoyable because the city was empty! We stayed in the city since we were with Claire's brand new baby and it was so fun. I am so incredibly proud of her and it made me so excited to be pregnant and to go through labor again in just a few short months.

We are officially half-way and it's hard to believe!! I am still feeling great but really, really need to step up my workout routine. I am losing a lot of muscle tone and flexibility. I am still walking around my favorite Stow Lake and swimming, but I really need to do some classes to strength and stretch. I just signed up for some pilates classes and am really excited about them.

Last week we found out we were having a girl and with each passing moment, I am even more and more excited about it. I've been picking out paint colors for the nursery, trying to decide how we want to decorate it. I also love the idea of our daughters playing together and going on vacation. I had so many people message me how wonderful it is to have two girls.

I honestly don't have that much to report this week. Being with Claire was such a huge distraction and at the same time such a great reminder that we are all so excited for our family to grow. When I was in the hospital with Claire I kept thinking how grateful I am to be pregnant. I imagine it would have been hard to be there if I was wanting our family to grow and wasn't pregnant. It was a reminder of how emotionally loaded the experience of getting pregnant is and how you never, ever, ever think about it until you want to get pregnant. I have had women message me saying how much they appreciate that I am acknowledging this aspect when talking about my pregnancy and I have to say it is something I think a lot about. 

I have still been feeling great. A little back pain on my left side but that's because I think I hurt a muscle a few weeks ago when we were out of town and I haven't had a chance to rest it since I'm always carrying Lillian.

20 Weeks Update

Baby Echo is the size of a: Banana! 6.5 inches and 10.1 ounces

Due Date is: October 18

Cravings: Nothing new here. Still loving Souvla and bottled water. These are not restricted to pregnancy though. I know I will be eating Souvla when I'm not pregnant. I definitely have been missing salami!! And deli meats in general.

Complaints: No complaints! Feeling good!

Common Symptoms: 

  • body aches
  • stretch marks
  • skin pigmentation

My back is sore but I seriously think it was from when I slept funny when we were out of town for Mother's Day. I've been icing it and stretching and am going to pilates tomorrow. I don't have any stretch marks and I have a lot of skin pigmentation on my face. I have a lot of new dark spots that look like freckles. I am religious about wearing sunscreen and a hat.

Baby kicks: Yes, love these! Feeling like little tickles!!! The best kind of tickles! 

Weight Gain: 12 lbs

Pregnancy Comparison:  Both pregnancies have felt really great. I feel not as strong this pregnancy (I've said that like 10 times) so am looking forward to doing some workout classes. I just re-read my 20 weeks update from my last pregnancy and laughed out loud. Things are pretty much the same. Not that much can take away my energy. I think people forget I am pregnant because I look and feel the same. One of the things that's nice about your second pregnancy is you don't have time to overthink things. Being with Lillian is so entertaining that I haven't spent as much time worrying about this pregnancy or labor.

But, since I am such a sentimental person I got a baby book for Baby Echo and started filling it out. As much as I love blogging, I also love writing down the details in a keepsake book.

I would say the biggest difference between pregnancies is how my hair looks! Ha! Before I had Lillian I would spend time on my hair, now I'm like whatever and just let it air dry or casually blow dry it. I never style it like I used to!

Lillian Update: Lillian is doing great! She turns 3 so soon!! We had a fun weekend with her but it was funny because Jesse and I were saying how when we have a fun and busy weekend it ends up being harder for Lillian. She stays up late, sleeps in, doesn't nap and just gets off of her regular schedule. This weekend was a great reminder (during her 2pm meltdown on Monday) that it's soooooo much better to keep her on a schedule. She woke up this morning at her regular time and was happy and it was so smooth.

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