I feel like I spend half of my time on the internet going through the process of trying to sign in to accounts I have set up on various sites. After several failed log-in attempts, I have to hit the dreaded "reset password". This process results in me sitting at the computer waiting for the "reset your password" link to arrive in my inbox. When it takes more than a few minutes and three 'refresh' clicks, I usually just give up.

I'm sure this is a common occurrence for everyone on the world wide interwebs. I guess it just comes with the territory of being an avid online, over-eager registerer.

I'm bringing this up for a couple of reasons. When will we get to the point when the computer will use eyeball recognition to unlock my account like in every spy movie? When will my Google Glass be able to unlock my laptop and access my accounts with just a blink?

Prior to starting his company, my husband worked at a start-up in Silicon Valley that was all about security and safely storing your files (He would be embarrassed if I shared that it was a flash drive company. Those are the equivalent of floppy disks from the 80s, hard disks from the 90s, and CDs from the '00). Since he has all of his accounts on lockdown, he is always encouraging me to use more complex passwords. But I won't because it's a pain! Please don't even get me started on how frustrating it is when a site makes you use a capital letter, a symbol, and a number. People, this is impossible! I know the most commonly used password used to be password, but now I'm pretty sure it's P@ssword1! because of these silly nincompoops getting pleasure out of our frustration. (If you want to sound tech savvy: instead of saying exclamation point, refer to it as "bang" like everyone else in the tech industry).

I've picked up some great tips along the way on how to make my password more secure, but all that ends up happening is that I get locked out of my own account after failing several times. I don't think someone is really trying that hard to get into my J.Crew account-- I don't think we need to make this Fort Knox, people.

What I've come to realize is that I should probably make my passwords easy to remember, so, I should probably pick something I'm constantly thinking about, but that no one would guess: PRADA!!! Okay, maybe some Perfect 10 SF fans could guess I have Prada on my mind, especially after seeing these perfect pairs that look like a cross between a safe in "The Italian Job" meets a skyscraper meets precious metal. They just scream to me, "I will protect you" and "Protect me". Sounds like a good password to me.*

*No tech geeks were harmed in the making of this post.