After a year sabbatical, the Blue Angels are back in blue for San Francisco Fleet Week! They have been practicing all week and are ready for their big performance today. Most San Francisco residents associate Fleet Week with rooftop parties in the sun and a weekend-long free pass to act like you're in undergrad.

For San Francisco natives, Fleet Week is your childhood. I cannot reiterate this enough. Fleet Week was the greatest week of the year. I remember being in elementary school, hearing the planes flying above our school, shaking the building and the windows. I felt completely alive! You could feel the planes make your heart beat faster and louder. Whoa- were the Blue Angels my first crush?! 

SVdP had huge floor to ceiling windows in the classrooms and try as they might, teachers couldn't get us to focus when the planes rushed by. When their best efforts of closing the shades failed, they would take the entire class outside so we could watch from the corner. We all knew it was a matter of time before our excitement would wear them down. Fast forward twenty years to yesterday's grad school class and the Blue Angels are flying by, loud as ever. Our professor couldn't get us to focus so he let us out early to watch the show. Saved again by the Blue Angels.

Today I'll be watching the Blue Angels from the Presidio at Off the Grid for Jesse's company picnic. I don't share this information lightly, but the best place to watch the Blue Angels is in the parking lot of the old Mervyn's, now the new Target City Center. Go to the very top of the parking lot and you have views of the entire city. Jesse and I went there yesterday after my class and saw the United 767 doing it's tricks. My family doesn't have many generationally passed secrets, but this location is one of them.

I've included the perfect blue and gold pairs for you to wear when watching the Blue Angels (they look a lot like the Warriors pairs, so maybe investing in a pair is a good idea if you live in SF). I hope everyone gets a chance to see the amazing show today!!

caroline curran