Growing up I feel like I received an informal education in relationships, pregnancy, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, divorce, peer pressure, and more from one of the greatest shows of all time, Beverly Hills 90210. There was not a single topic that was not covered in the show's ten seasons. I'm actually surprised that my parents let us watch it (especially since we were never allowed to watch Beavis and Butthead or the Simpsons).

I feel like I should have my sister Caitlin do a guest post on 90210 because she knows everything about the show. She can answer any trivia question about it. One time at dinner we were all shocked when she knew the answer to what is Dylan's license plate.

If you watched the show over the years, you saw that there were several couples: Brenda and Dylan, Dylan and Kelly, Steve and Kelly, Dylan and some random girls, Andrea trying to make it happen with Brandon, Donna and David, Donna and Ray, it goes on and on. I guess the one consistent couple was Jim and Cindy Walsh.

People are divided into separate camps when it comes to Brenda and Kelly. They are like the original Team Jolie and Team Anniston. One thing we can all agree on, we wanted to live in the beach house!!!!

When I saw these men's shoes from East Dane, I immediately thought of Dylan McKay in all of his glory. I could just watch the opening credits over and over. Back in college when custom ring tones were first a thing, I had the 90210 theme song as my ringtone. Everyone loves that little "na na na, na na na, chi chi" cue Jason Priestly punching (real fans will know what I am talking about). But I couldn't just show Dylan's shoes-- I had to share what I thought Brenda might wear. #neverforget #90210

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