I've never met someone who has a KickStarter campaign, until now! I recently connected with Mike Weiss, the brains, designer, and marketing guru behind ilk outerwear. I have loved meeting so many great people through Perfect 10 SF, and something about the way Mike and I hit it off is really fun. I can't remember the last time I met a guy one-on-one. I never do that! I never even did that when I was single.

Anywho, back to Mike. We talked for a couple hours about blogging, starting his company, and his new KickStarter campaign (that actually launched today!). I loved his passion for taking something that was broken, the women's cardigan, and pouring over every detail to make it better, functional, stylish, and of superb quality.

When Mike showed me the Audrey Cardigan I said to him, "I get it!" And for anyone who starts a KickStarter campaign, that is the highest compliment you can pay them. Because aren't you buying into an idea when you fund a campaign? You're saying to the creator, I get what you are doing. I see value in what you are doing and I am going to support you.

So what did I "get" about the cardigan? ilk outerwear is made of amazing quality, it is structured, not like most of the sweaters I have in my closet that somehow manage to shrink over time. The cardigan can be dressed up or worn with athletic wear-- the shape and the material makes this possible. It makes the perfect present for that friend who doesn't like expensive clothes but loves functional clothes. It's perfect for the outdoorsy person in your life.

I'm super excited to see where ilk goes!!! Check out their KickStarter page and back this perfect piece!!

Fashioncaroline curran