Being in grad school definitely has it's benefits- taking great classes, learning from amazing professors, meeting great friends and future colleagues, and earning a degree that will allow me to help couples and families. Aside from being a huge time commitment, the main struggle with grad school is the cost! I try not to do the math because I just end up depressed, but after a three year program with sixty units that cost over $1,500 a unit, it comes out to roughly A LOT of shoes!!!

So while I'm learning about McMaster, attachment theory, domestic violence, chemical dependency, different diagnoses, case formation, active listening, and more, I find myself day dreaming about which shoes I would have been able to buy had I not decided to attend USF. One of our professors told us in the beginning to think of our education as a really, really expensive car that we were never, ever going to be able to drive.

Regardless if you're in school or not, being a young professional there is a constant struggle about buying that pair of shoes for your friend's 30th birthday party at The Office or not (this happened to me last weekend. The thing that actually stopped me from buying them is the fact that I don't like wearing nice shoes out to bars-- it seems like poor judgment and, frankly, a little crazy).

The struggle is real! Here is my shoe-buying philosophy: have some special occasion day pairs for wedding showers, luncheons, girls days downtown. Have some special occasion pairs for anniversaries, birthdays, and a fashion night time event. Have two nice pair of boots- brown and back. Have some designer flats-- they are wearable without looking too ridiculous. The rest of your shoes should be whatever. I mean they should be cute, but they don't need to be over the top expensive.

Fashioncaroline curran