Home for the past four years.

Home for the past four years.

Well, after almost four years at the Second Happiest Place on earth, it is time for me to leave Sacred Heart Prep. I have been at SHP since 2011 and honestly, I feel like it is my second home-- I mean I spend every weekend there. I have absolutely loved being a part of this community and am grateful for all that I have learned and the amazing experiences I have had.

For the past three years, I have been working full-time at SHP as the Student Activities Director and attending USF full-time in the afternoons and evenings to earn my masters in Counseling Psychology. The third year in the USF program requires a traineeship at a site two days a week. It also requires a weekly two-hour meeting with my group supervisor and a weekly one-hour meeting with my individual supervisor. It is a big time commitment and is quite draining. Oh, and on top of that, I have class from 3:45pm-9:30pm on Tuesdays.

In the beginning of the school year, I decided to work part time at SHP and spend the other two days at my site. The plan was to work this schedule for a few months and leave in December so that I could really focus on finishing graduate school. But as the school year progressed, I realized that this was proving to be too difficult- I didn't feel like I was doing my best anywhere: work, my site, or school.

I decided that I would have to leave much earlier than December. My last day at SHP is this Friday, October 31st. We have our annual Homecoming Football Game and half time homecoming float parade. I am definitely going out with a bang! 

Deciding to leave SHP was hard, but the hardest part is saying goodbye. Through this process I have learned so much about myself. I know I make decisions very quickly. I am a very decisive person. I've always been like that-- when I know, I know. I applied to one college, I knew when I met Jesse, I knew the grad program I wanted to start, I know exactly what my style is, I knew my wedding dress right away (I tried on two). I walk into a store and either find something immediately or I don't. I knew to call the blog Perfect 10 SF-- I didn't even have any other options. 

Some might think this is impulsive, but it's not. I truly knew it was time to leave Sacred Heart. I have been an absolute mess the past week and yes, I cried at each class meeting as I said good bye to the students. If you think about it, I see them more than I see Jesse or my family. We have been together for four years, day in and day out. I've seen them struggle, grow, and thrive.

I will miss the supportive community of adults. They are all so intelligent, thoughtful, genuine, and caring. I will miss my Student Life team members and my dear friends. Thank you Sacred Heart Prep for being so wonderful to me!!! I will miss you terribly!!!

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