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Since meeting my in-laws, who are both  an exceptional craftsman and craftswoman, I have found my appreciation for American handmade items growing tremendously. My father-in-law is a skilled woodworker, who learned the trade from his father. My mother-in-law is an excellent sewer and has made Jesse and me several hand-sewn gifts. When I see the time, energy, personalization, and skill that goes in to creating their pieces, it makes me look at custom items with so much appreciation.

I immediately thought of them when I discovered Makers Market. It is a website dedicated to curating and selling items that are handmade in the United States by talented American artists. 

From the Makers Market website:

You’ll find products that are proudly made in America and made by real people – with faces and studios and stories; you’ll find Makers who can mesmerize with their passionate storytelling.

The works curated on this site are meant to be conversation pieces, meant to add special meaning to the items that we use and touch every day while adding beauty to our homes.

We believe that it’s the story as well as the product, that makes for great gift giving - something the receiver will remember for years to come, and will want to pass down to future generations.

I went through the Makers Market site and fell in love with so many pieces and curated the ones that I think make perfect presents. I hope you enjoy! Make sure you check out their site and see which items you like the best. Oh, and don't forget to learn more about the makers here!