image via J for Jamie.

image via J for Jamie.

Last week I had the amazing privilege of attending Blog Party's event at the Polyvore headquarters in Mountain View. Started by Jamie, Blog Party is collective meetup for bloggers of all stripes to meet and mingle. Parties are hosted in various spaces and is an opportunity for creative companies to connect with a global audience through bloggers and their readers.

I cannot tell you how wonderful and much fun the event was!! I absolutely loved mingling with fellow bloggers, both familiar friends and new faces. It was awesome to meet Sheila and Nadia from the Polyvore Community Team. One of the best parts of the evening was when CEO Jess Lee came and gave us a demo and answered all twenty of my questions. 

Sitting watching the demo I could not sit still. My heart was racing and I was getting really amped up. This happens to me, a lot. But it only happens when I know that something is special; when I am truly inspired. It was like that time I was visiting my best friend Andie at USC and she showed me this new website, I IMMEDIATELY knew that this site was going to be huge. Watching the demo, I couldn't stop by brain from moving a mile a minute. I had a million questions for Jess. I tried to temper them and pick the most pertinent because I didn't want to be the annoying person at freshman orientation that had a gazillion questions about the dorm showers, parking, noise policy, etc.

Truth be told, I had heard about Polyvore a few years ago from my dear friend, Louisa. She told me that it's a really great site that lets you put outfits together. I gave it a whirl and then my engagement faded. Fast forward to last week and something clicked! I LOVE POLYVORE!!!! Maybe I finally realized the value that Polyvore could bring to me. I usually spend a good amount of time putting together collages of outfits for my blog posts. Polyvore's website makes it SOOOOOOO easy to create collages with their huge database of products, both fashion and home goods. They also make it SOOOOO easy to integrate those collages into Perfect 10 SF by embedding the code. Jess was explaining that Polyvore is democratizing fashion-- it's not just the fashion editors who are deciding what is fashionable, it's the community. I couldn't agree more!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jamie from Blog Party, Jess and her amazing team from Polyvore. It was a truly perfect party!!

Check out Perfect 10 SF on Polyvore and starting creating your perfect sets immediately. But you've been warned: once you start, you will not be able to stop!!!


Thank you to Jamie and the Blog Party Sponsors: PolyvoreBare Escentuals45 Wall DesignPennie PostThatch & ThistleHedley & BennettThe MakeryBracketChapter JewelryPrint Em


Make sure you check out Blog Party for future events! Hope to see you there!