Every year I have the exact same New Year's Resolution: to learn how to cook (it always ends up a little something this, thanks Chris). Well, it seems like 2014 is the year that I actually will achieve this goal, thanks to Blue Apron. Jesse and I were first introduced to Blue Apron from our dear friends, Thomas and Alicia. When our schedules align, which isn't very often, the four of us go out to dinner. A few months ago we were out to dinner and slowly we were approaching the topic of cooking, which is something I always try and avoid because cooking is the one hobby that every woman in her twenties is really into and really good at. I've never been very interested or good, so when people bring up cooking I usually change the subject or talk about my friend Nicole from Kindred Table.

But T&A were talking about this new thing they were trying-- Blue Apron. Their friends had sent them a free meal and they were hooked. After cooking with Blue Apron for a few weeks, they were able to gift a free meal to us. This free meal was the BEST present we have ever received!! I'm not kidding!

When Jesse and I gave it a try, we were hooked as well. All of the ingredients, down to the three sprigs of cilantro, are delivered in the exact required measurements. Step-by-step pictorial directions are include-- it couldn't be any easier! Some of my favorite meals have been the Patty Melts, the Louisiana Gumbo, and the Kale and Queso Oaxaca Quesadilla. Last night we had the Southern Style Burgers with Green Tomatoes and Old Bay Fries. Yummy!! (I'm clearly not a real foodie if the only way I can describe it is "yummy".)

Coming home from a long day of work and school, Jesse and I are now excited to cook. A far cry from our habit of eating out almost every night or worse, not eating at all. Blue Apron takes all the time out of deciding what to eat (you can set your dietary preferences), grocery shopping, and portion control. You can order meals for 2, 4, or 6 not 8, but who do we still appreciate, Blue Apron! Blue Apron! Blue Apron!

I don't think it's wise for me to share images of the meals we cook because they look like a Pinterest Fail and might deter you from ordering these delicious meals. But what is wise: partnering with Blue Apron to bring you a PERFECT PRESENT!!!

The first 25 Perfect 10 SF readers a to click the link will receive a FREE BLUE APRON MEAL!!!! 

As our friends Ann and Garrett suggested, have a Blue Apron Party!!! Invite another couple over, have them bring their Blue Apron box, and have a cooking party. Let me know if you sign up and want to come over and cook with Jesse and me!!! We'd love to have you! 

Click here to redeem your offer and enjoy!! Make sure you tag your photos @BlueApron.


ps- they're named Blue Apron because chefs in training around the world wear blue aprons -

it is a symbol of lifelong learning in cooking.

I found some perfect pairs from Chris Campbell if, like the old me, you're more into shoes than into cooking!