I truly believe that watches are a great gift to give. They usually are an investment and that's why people tend to not buy nice watches for themselves. I love the Burberry watch Jesse got for me a few years ago, aside from my engagement ring, it's the best present I've received. Since it is has a silver face, I think I might need to get a watch with a gold face.

Although most of us use our cell phones to tell time, there is something so sophisticated about wearing a watch. I love Tory Burch and am thrilled that she just released a watch collection. Now you can put an entire outfit together solely with TB items.

I've always loved the color orange (maybe it's just my San Francisco blood) and feel like Tory Burch always uses it tastefully. These watches are the perfect presents for Giants fans who are constantly timing how long the games go-- can you believe the 18 inning game last night?!

I love the Buddy Signature, the Sawyer, and the Buddy Classic in black. You can shop more Tory Burch watches at Nordstrom!

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