I posted on Friday about how excited I was to celebrate my pal Jordan at the one year anniversary party for her company, Packed Party! Well, let me tell you!! The party was an absolute blast!!! I loved meeting so many great people-- Jordan only has really amazing people in her life-- and I feel lucky to have been included in the celebration!!

I loved meeting Megan from Established California, seeing my friend Pete from The Valencia Street Review, meeting Jess from Fullosophie, and seeing my pals Lauren and Kelsey from A Midday Latté.

Everyone can learn a lesson from Jordan's creativity, hard work, attention to detail, and ambition-- I know I sure have. I had to don my favorite J.Crew blue because it was the perfect Packed Party blue. I got so many compliments on the color that I am thinking I need to get a dress or some fun accessory in cobalt.

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