Help! I need help! Please someone help me find the perfect planner. For the past four years I have used my SHP school calendar as a one stop shop. EVERYTHING was on that calendar. I always had it with me. I had to-- I would always be double-booking myself if I didn't have it and reference it every twenty minutes.

So now that I am not working at SHP and don't need to worry about Assemblies, Advisory Meetings, and Pep Rallies, I don't have a planner and I AM LOST! One thing I won't forget about is our garage sale this Sunday! See the details on the Craigslist post here!

What is the perfect planner? Please help me with this one!

In honor of #throwbackthursday, I decided to include a photo from the very first time I took photos for Perfect 10 SF. I have to laugh because, if you look closely, you will see that my ankles are seriously burnt!!! I launched the blog in the middle of April and wanted it to be an anonymous Instagram account and mysteriously written blog. When I realized that wasn't going to work, Jesse and I hit the streets to take some photos of me. Boy, they're sure funny to look at now. Jesse's photography skills have gotten so awesome since that first shoot! When we first started, I was giving him all of the directions. Now he bosses me around like he's Mario Testino!!!!

I have to laugh at how sun burnt my ankles are. I got the sun burn at a picnic- I was wearing jeans and slip-on shoes, hence the weird shape, location, size. During one point of shooting the photos, I said to Jesse in self-doubt, "should I even do this?". I never could have dreamed how much fun I'd have, how many great people I would meet, and how many amazing experiences I would have.

I'm sharing some of my favorite sunscreens. Now, please tell me the perfect planner!!!!

caroline curran