The ten perfect things that are on my mind right now! This series is becoming one of my favorites to write. Read last week's post here. 

One // Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to meet former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. We met for drinks in the lobby of the St. Regis hotel and laughed about fashion, San Francisco, police escorts, the 49ers and more. Stay tuned for more on him in the upcoming post "Perfect Politician". The meeting was great, and I also  realized how much fun people-watching is in hotels. I'm going to post up at the St. Regis a few times a month and watch all of the people staying there who drink at 2 in the afternoon. Plus, there's free wi-fi!

Two //I've got travel on the mind but it looks like we're not going anywhere soon-- we're just too exhausted after this endless move. Did you see my  post yesterday about our garage sale?really appreciate everyone asking how it went! So sweet of everyone! Since we're mostly limited to weekend getaways, I indulge my travel bug by reading Sunset online. They profile the best cities and always feature great spots.

Three// Last week I did a photoshoot with ModaVive, but you'll have to stay tuned for more details about that! In the meantime, read more about ModaVive and their amazing mission on their site. ModaVive helps fundraise for non-profits by selling consignment items. When I popped by their headquarters near the Embarcadero, I loved going through the racks of Oscar de La Renta, J.Crew, Prada, and more. From each sale, a percentage goes towards a charity. What a great idea!

Four// Perfect pottery! About every six months I get the itch to go to Terra Mia on Castro and 24th Street and paint some pottery. I'm thinking about hosting a happy hour and then painting something. Let me know if you're interested! Also, don't forget about the Makers Market Pop-Up Shop tomorrow at 5:30pm at the Westfield Center (in the Old Juicy Couture store)!

Five // Movies I want to see (and not just so I can eat the popcorn, although that's a big part of it!): Still need to see Gone Girl. Can't wait for St. Vincent. On Netflix: Feel like I should watch Salem because I am BFFs with Ashley Madekwe. I never watched Dexter-- is that something I should get in to? Last weekend I watched Princess Diaries 2 (a classic!) and Chef (loved it, especially because the majority of it took place in my favorite place: Miami!!!).

Six // "This is supposed to be a shoe blog, so where are the shoes?!" is what you're probably asking yourself! Well, here they are! Black boots for fall, all under $100.00! Cannot beat that #perfectprice!

Seven // For the men in your life, it's time to get them some attire for the upcoming holiday parties! You can't bring them home to meet the parents looking like that! I love all the pants from East Dane because they curate them so well. I also love everything from Still Good- so refined skater. Don't forget: accessories are SO important for men. Check out East Dane's fun and quirky accessories here! Your guy might not want clothes, he might just want the house from the "Godfather"- it's for sale!

Eight // Grey (or gray) leather purse is at the top of my wish list. I've been wanting one for winter. All of my bags are black leather and I wanted a soft, pale grey purse. Which one is your favorite? I also like this cheaper option from J.Crew Factory.

Nine // Kickstarter! Forget wasting hours on YouTube, head over to KickStarter to learn more about the awesome projects going on. I recently discovered Azula Watches and Natia Erin which is fashionable clothes for professional women. Magnet Friends seems pretty cool. I think I'm going to have to start a KickStarter project one day!

Ten // Things I love right now: Cynthia Rowley dress in light pink // hot chocolate- I'm turning into a connoisseur // my new J.Crew vest - perfect for fall // my friend Rachel's dog was on The Dogist- Lucy, you're famous! // it seems like everyone put all of the orange away after October, but I am in love with this perfect purse // Inspired by my sister Claire who just got a custom tree skirt, I've been spending a lot of time on the Pottery Barn site browsing holiday decor.

 One more of Willie and me-- just chatting, having fun!

One more of Willie and me-- just chatting, having fun!

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