About halfway through the day! Lots of stuff was gone fast!

About halfway through the day! Lots of stuff was gone fast!

Well, after a very long day selling our treasures, I am happy to say that we made a couple of hundred dollars (just under $1,000) which was pretty cool! I learned a lot through this garage sale process (I'm always going through experiences and observing and thinking how to improve procedures and approaches) and can't wait for our next one. I wanted to share all of my tips here!

Garage sales are best on Saturdays. We had to have ours on Sunday because I had class at USF. On Saturdays you get a lot more people driving by, walking by, and exploring.

Arrange items by price. I arranged items by category: kitchen, electronics, knick knacks. furniture, which I thought would be best-- that's how I like to shop. It was a hassle because everyone was asking how much things cost. I would have started with the lowest priced items and organized them in ascending order.

Kitchen stuff isn't as popular as you think. This surprised me. We had some nice kitchen stuff that we didn't need any more (serving dishes, platters, plates, etc.) and it seemed like that was not everyone's top priority. My dad pointed out that everyone has kitchen goods at garage sales and people are looking for treasures.

Wear a fanny pack! I am the proud owner and lover of a fanny pack. I wear it ALL the time when selling items. Maybe my unconscious remembers it from days spent at Candlestick with vendors pulling change out of the fanny pack. I used it all the time at SHP when I was running around or had a dance and wanted to keep lots of stuff on me. I wore it when we were moving to keep my keys and cell phone and be hands-free. Also, make sure you have change, especially $1s.

First customers are always dealers. There are people who try and make a living going to garage sales trying to find hidden gems and then resell them. They come half an hour before the start time and try and offer you $1 for everything. Don't let them rip you off. I said no to a lot of there negotiating and in the end it was better because people came an hour later and paid the correct amount for it.

Beware of thieves! Yes, inevitably something will get stolen. All of the dealers had their eyes on this one Kate Spade ring and for some reason I just knew it was going to be stolen. Not sure who stole it (but I think it was a guy on a bicycle who didn't buy anything) but I guess the $10 sticker price was just too high. Also, for safety, never be alone. When Jesse was upstairs organizing things, my dad came and hung out with me. I can't think of anything better than two real estate agents selling tupperware? #easysell

People want junk! This surprised me the most! Most people who came to the garage sale just wanted cheap things. I thought this one platter would go immediately because it was so gorgeous. Nope. Jesse's bachelor headboard? We ended up putting it on the corner for free. No one wanted our grill, but couldn't get enough of our cheap Christmas decorations.

Email me if you have any questions about having a garage sale of your own!

Here's what I wish I could buy with the money we made!