One// I'm excited to share a recent project with ModaVive. I mentioned them last week and am really excited to share the Holiday Boutique I curated for them. You can shop my picks here! Proceeds go to charity-- how wonderful is that! You can see me on their Instagram here!!

Two // Last night I went out to dinner with my sisters, nieces, mom, and family friend at Perry's on Union Street. Perry's is the PERFECT San Francisco dining experience- it has a great California menu, feels a little old school, and the lighting is perfect!! I'm a Noe Valley girl, but it was fun to be in the Marina. I bumped into my BFF Michelle (read about her and Lyon Street Salon here) and friend Bailey.

Three // PIXIE PANTS! PIXIE PANTS! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! I did a post last week on my current obsession, my J.Crew. Pixie Pants, and I have gotten SO many comments about them! Friends have texted me that they just bought them or that they were wearing them and people loved them. My BFF Meagan just texted me last night that they are on sale until December-- 30% off! You cannot beat that, people!!! Purchase here and use code GETFESTIVE. 

I'm also REALLY excited about the HUGE SALE that East Dane is having starting today!!!! The more you spend, the more you save! The sale ends on December 1st! Shop East Dane items here!!

Spend $250= 15% off // Spend $500= 20% off // Spend $1000 = 25% off

Four // At dinner the other night I realized that I only watch tv shows with awesome female protagonists-- this is my current queue: The Mindy Project, The Good Wife, Homeland, Scandal, and Bones. I'm pretty sure it's because I only like strong, independent women. Oh, and they all have great wardrobes. To dress like Mindy, I'd get this blouse and pair it with Chanel; to dress like Alicia I would wear this coat from Ann Taylor; to dress like Carrie, I would just dye my hair brown and carry a side satchel; to dress like Olivia, I would wear white everything like this and this perfect purse; and to dress like Bones I would wear these knee high boots (cheaper version from Target here).

Five // Have you heard of Instacart? It's a company that let's you shop online for groceries and they deliver for free! I just tried it last night for the first time because I've been so busy and haven't had time to go shopping. I thought that I would have more free time since I'm not working full-time, but I end up just scheduling more meetings and appointments. Jesse and I only get in fights when we go to the grocery store-- let's just say the two of us move at really different speeds in the store. I'm so grateful we tried Instacart! It's super easy if you know exactly what you want and I highly recommend it. One last thing to have on your to-do list. Get $10 off your first order with this link! 

Six // I spent Monday hanging out on Valencia Street at The Balm Cosmetics and Beta Brand. I ended up also bumping to my friend Pete from The Valencia Street Review. Stay tuned for more information about my exciting new projects with all of these great companies! Here I am on BetaBrand's Instagram! 

Seven // Who is ready for Thanksgiving? With the celebrations, friendsgivings, and parties starting at the beginning of the month, it feels like Thanksgiving has already passed. My in-laws are out of town visiting my sister and brother-in-law, so Jesse and I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family. I'm looking forward to really relaxing and taking a break. I don't think I've stopped going since August. If, like me, you spend too many of your weeknights at the WholeFood Hot Food Bar and you're already sick of sweet potatoes and turkey, check out these 15 Thanksgiving Menus from Sunset Magazine. They're good inspiration to mix it up!

Eight // Did you know that I really like musicals? I got really into them when I was in college and I would come home from school (read about my USD Torero feature here) and my family would go see a show. I LOVED "A Chorus Line", "Jersey Boys", "Next to Normal", "Wicked", and thought "Pippin'" was interesting enough. I always think that musicals could be a little shorter. I always think the second act is too long. I really want to write a Bollywood musical-- it's the one kind of music missing from Broadway. It's no surprise that I'm excited for "Kinky Boots"!!!! Musicals + Shoes= Perfect Pair. Here are some kinky boots that I'm loving right now!

Nine // From the Washington Post blog, "School Kids Are Blaming Michelle Obama For Their 'Gross' School Lunches". Check out some of the photos and tweets that are saying #ThanksMichelleObama for the "healthy" lunches.

Ten // Did you hear about the women's basketball team from Niagra that was stuck in their bus because of a snowstorm? You can read more about it here. Luckily, they were rescued. It made me think of the many memories I have with my high school basketball team. We were never stuck in the snow, but we have many memories of being stuck on the bus on our way to Northern California to play teams we thought were going to destroy us and then we ended up beating them. #statechamps

Here are three of the most expensive and ridiculous snow boots I could find!

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