My niece Camilla posing for #fashionkids. Gotta support the little gals!

My niece Camilla posing for #fashionkids. Gotta support the little gals!

I am pretty sure that I am the only blogger that did not do a post for Black Friday with all of my sale round-ups. Maybe it's because I have never shopped on Black Friday or maybe because I was just so annoyed that when I woke up I had over 100 emails from every company under the sun promoting their Black Friday sale.

I am a very easy-going, flexible person, but if there is one thing that really upsets me it is when I feel like my time is being wasted. I am usually booked back to back, with very little free time and I don't want to waste my time standing in line. When we were first dating, Jesse was SO surprised that I would leave a concert, play, or performance early. I know when I am ready to leave and just go. The thought of waking up at 4am to go shopping at a store to stand in line for hours to get your vacuum cleaner and mattress pad for $10 less just absolutely kills my soul.

My Black Friday was spent with my family and cousins in Sonoma wine tasting. But, true confession- Jesse and I did a little black Friday shopping. We went and purchased a couch. Not because it was a great deal, but because we want it to arrive as soon as possible. We've been living without a couch the past couple of days and we barely even go in the living room (we sold everything at our garage sale and were waiting for a new one). We just popped in and out of store since we had gone on Wednesday and done all of the scouting then.

My frustration with Black Friday shopping has dissipated because there are great deals on Saturday that support my local SF pals. I hope you join me in celebrating Small Business Saturday and buy from your local small businesses. I'm looking forward to throwing on some comfy clothes and heading to 24th Street to sip on some hot chocolate as I window shop and pick up Christmas presents. The two deals I can't pass up are from Bloom Blow Dry Bar- 3 blowouts for $99! I already pre-ordered that. Hurry! It ends today! Of course, I can't pass up the great deals from my local boutique Ambiance! I'm excited because they are opening a new location on 24th Street!!! I'm going to try and make it over to Union Street to one of my favorite boutiques, Marmalade! Stop in for me and say hello to the owner Hope! And if you don't want to leave the comfort of your home, you can shop my friend Beth's Etsy Shop- Echoes of Wild!

Enjoy your Saturday!!!

PS- Don't forget to enter the Perfect 10 SF x The Balm Cosmetics Giveaway!!! More details here!

My new sweater/ sweatshirt / comfiest piece ever from Ambiance! Trying to stay warm on this cloud #SF Day!

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