Well it's the first Friday night in December, what holiday party are you going to?!? Isn't it time for the non-stop, juggling two parties a night, indulgent time to begin? I'm excited to head to Sausalito tonight for the holiday party of one of the VCs that invested in BuildingConnected. The party is casual and there will be some fun games. The event coordinator emailed the guests and asked everyone to send two truths and a lie to her! It's definitely going to be a fun night.

Since it's my first holiday party of the season, I might inadvertently go a little overdressed to the occasion. Luckily, with the help of The Balm Cosmetics, my makeup will be graceful, light and appropriate. I am excited to share with you the first of three makeup looks as created by Keira from The Balm. She is an all-star: she is gorgeous, an accomplished makeup artist, and is in charge of social media and marketing for The Balm. She is a truly perfect person!

For this look, Keira went with a natural lip- something that is definitely a change for me. I was happy how her choices came out and feel like a Burberry model with my nude lips! With this look I'm thinking of wearing a pale pink dress, light clutch, and some perfect heels. Actually, I feel a little bit like the colors are similar to what Jennifer Lawrence has been wearing at the Mocking premiers.

Today is the last day to enter the #giveaway for a $50 gift card. You can leave a comment here, follow Perfect 10 SF on Instagram (if you're already following me, leave a comment there). I also just want to thank everyone again so much for reading Perfect 10 and supporting me the last couple of months. Hopefully it's been as fun for you as it has for me!! xo, Caroline

dress: red valentino // clutch: givenchy // necklace: j.crew // shoes: jimmy choo // champagne: veuve cliquot