jacket: j.crew  ||  pants: j.crew  || top: kate spade  ||  boots: rag&bone  || purse: kate spade  

I have to dedicate a post to the number two love of my life (the post on Jesse, the love of my life, is coming later): my J.Crew Pixie Pants!!! I wear these pants EVERY SINGLE DAY. I like to chalk it up to the fact that I'm used to having a uniform since I went to Catholic school my entire life (read about that here) and I'm used to undressing, throwing my clothes on my chair, and putting them right back on the next day. Unlike my one plaid skirt that I would wear for five days in a row and wash on the weekends, I have several pairs of Pixie Pants!

People who know me, know that I HATE JEANS! I really do! I think they should only be worn on field trips to the tide pools and horse back riding. Yes, I do wear jeans occasionally and even post about them. But I really do hate them and can't stand when I have to wear them --all day I'm in a bad mood. They're stiff, they don't right, and I guess they remind me of ancient memories of trying on jeans in adolescence and having them look terrible on my changing body. Last weekend Jesse and I went to the Banana Republic outlet and he tried on a dozen pair of jeans (before settling on a pair of shoes-- guy after my own heart) and I sat there thinking what in the hell is it like to try on any pair of jeans and not like them because of the color!! Not because of how your love handles protrude, or how they feel so restricting, or how big your thighs look. I think this is something guys definitely take for granted. All jeans fit guys, it's more about the style. But, I digress. Back to my Pixie Pants!

I saw this title the other day and was aghast, "J.Crew's Jenna Lyons Wants You To Stop Buying Party Dresses" and I couldn't disagree with her more. But after reflecting upon it, I can't remember the last time I wore a party dress to one of the many fashion events I've been to recently. I always used to wear dresses- every where, every day, all the time, you name it. But I truly think it was after working at a co-ed high school for four years, where I dressed pretty conservatively, that I started ditching the short hemlines for pants. There's no going back. I'm warmer. I'm more comfortable. My uniform is, you guessed it: Pixie Pants, glorious top, and statement coat, usually from J.Crew.

Next week I am hosting a party with A Side of Sweet and Pancake Stacker, what's the over-under that I'm the only one wearing pants at this party? Speaking of, I hope you can join me next Wednesday, November 19 from 5:30-7:30pm for the Makers Market pop-up shop. I wrote about them a little bit ago in the Perfect Presents series and am thrilled to be co-hosting this great event! No need to rsvp, just join us at the Westfield Centre downtown!

Shop my uniform look here!