Our home for the past four years!!

Our home for the past four years!!

HAPPY MONDAY!!! I have some exciting news to share-- I wanted to share it last week, but waited, more for a test in self-discipline than anything else (and a few superstitious reasons, too, if I'm being honest).

Don't worry-- we're not leaving San Francisco! Jesse and I are only moving two blocks to a new apartment!! But funny enough, we are getting a new postal code: we're going from 94110, the Mission District postal code, to 94131, the Noe Valley postal code.

We have lived in our apartment for four years-- we moved in October 1, 2010 and we have created so many great memories in this place, but it was time for a change. We will miss the french doors from the bedroom to the living room, the six big windows, and storage unit!! We weren't seriously looking to move, but I always spend so much time on Craigslist posting on the personal ads and reading the missed connections-- okay, actually I'm just looking at apartments-- that when I saw this apartment at a great price, I knew we had to jump on it.

Since I've been working on Perfect 10 SF more, we needed more office space and room for my shoes and clothes and since I love cooking so much (read more about that here), I wanted a bigger, newer kitchen. Needless to say, I've had a lot of big changes going on recently-- leaving SHP and moving. Looking forward to wrapping up 2014 and having an amazing 2015, full of travel, adventure, graduation, and more!!!

I hope you can come to our garage sale this weekend- Sunday, November 16th at 10:00am! We'll be selling oodles of great things!

In case you were wondering: I've been living in these pants and these shoes while we've been moving boxes and boxes. 

Here's a picture of our apartment from last year. I am looking forward to a new place to decorate in softer, more feminine decor. When Jesse and I first moved in together I didn't want the place to look too girly. Now I am all about soft palettes. Follow me on Pinterest to see my design inspiration!

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