That's a good way to live life: don't get mad, get everything. I try and life my life with the philosophy, "Love all, trust a few, do harm to none." The quote is attributed to Shakespeare, but I really think my mom said it first. She was the one that showed us that it's more important to let things go than to harm others.

Well, I see what my mom was saying when we were growing up but when you watch a movie like First Wives Club (another classic-- I told you, I only like movies and tv shows with strong women) and the story starts out with them getting revenge over their ex-husbands, it's hard to deny that revenge can be a little fun! Luckily, their story ended with a happy ending, a women's resource center, and a dancing and singing finale!!!!

The iconic closing scene from the movie was a highlight when I re-watched it over the weekend. I am always working on something: emails, posts, cleaning, laundry-- so I always like to watch upbeat movies that I've seen before so I can have something on the in background and not be distracted. The movie is as good as it was years ago! I'm inspired to wear an all-white outfit now! Here are the perfect white pairs!

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