Between Nordstrom, Sports Basement, and Amazon (and a few other places I can't say because it will give the gifts away to my family [who, actually, very rarely read this blog]), I am about 98% done with my holiday shopping! This is a HUGE accomplishment for me because I am usually the one at Stonestown (the third happiest place on earth after Disneyland and SHP) on the 23rd getting last minute gifts!

I love getting gift-giving inspiration from friends, other blogs, catalogs, the SF Chronicle Style Section, and recently, from Yahoo! Style!  I know a lot of people like Yahoo for the awesome Fantasy Football Leagues and March Madness Brackets you can set up, the trusty mail, and for the accurate Yahoo!Weather, but there's more they have to offer. I knew when Marissa Mayer took over things were going to be a lot more stylish at Yahoo! (starting with the logo redesign) and she has lived up to my expectations, especially with Yahoo! Style.

I usually start my mornings pretty early and write a to-do list, or at least a mental one, check my email (delete all of the annoying spam emails), check the news, walk to grab a hot chocolate in the neighborhood, and start working on Perfect 10 SF. Work for me these days involves sending emails, writing posts, reading the news aka fashion blogs, creating a Polyvore set, buying a few things online (shh...don't tell Jesse. I have things shipped to my parents' house so he doesn't really know the severity of the situation- let's keep this between us), looking at my editorial calendar, meeting friends for lunch or coffee, writing some more, reading some more, exercising, getting some beauty treatment done (ha!), doing laundry, making a few phone calls, and getting ready to go out to an event in the city. I should also probably say I do some grad school work in between all of that stuff.

I'm working harder right now that I ever have before and I am loving it! I'm also really lucky that for me work involves reading, writing, and thinking about lifestyle and getting inspired to make Perfect 10 SF even bigger and better in 2015! Since leaving SHP at the end of October, I have been loving Yahoo! Style and the information and inspiration it has brought to my life. It's visually stunning, relevant, and helpful-- all three of these qualities are very important to me. I know we all have so little time and wasting it is very upsetting. I think every personal email I have written or read in the last two months has started with something like, "I am SOOOOO sorry! Things have been so busy." Am I right?

That's why I love Yahoo! Style- I feel like Marissa and Yahoo get that my time is valuable. I've never felt this more than when reading the gift guides on the Yahoo! Style site. Had I not had a flexible schedule this past month I know I would have landed myself in my own pile of guilt as I am rushing around on December 23rd and 24th buying presents for everyone in my family. Luckily, I had Yahoo! Style's gift guides to inspire me and help make holiday shopping easier this year! Shopping for Jesse was so easy this year with the Gift Guide for the Tech Guy and Gift Guide for the Gym Buff. I was inspired to get a few things for my sisters with the Gift Guide for the Hair Obsessed. 

You don't have to buy everything off of the gift guides-- but what I will say is you should check them out because one item on there might trigger in your memory what your partner, brother, or sister said they wanted in June and you filed away under "Perfect Presents for Christmas!" and can't remember what was inside until seeing the Gift Guide for the Music Buff!

Good luck and happy shopping!!


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