Love this crib! Stay tuned to see what we ordered!

Love this crib! Stay tuned to see what we ordered!

THE CRIB IS HERE! THE CRIB IS HERE! It's finally here!! I feel like I've been waiting for this for weeks when it's really only been days!! I've been telling Jesse that our new place is a time warp!! We get home at 8:00pm, do a few things, and then all of a sudden it is 11:00pm!!! I have no concept of time!

Time has not been on our side recently! We are STILL waiting for our couch! We're probably going to be moving out of here by the time this couch arrives..just kidding. Universe, please don't hear that statement. It is supposed to arrive the first week of January. Fingers crossed. I told you how the saleswoman said that the couch would be delivered within a week. Mmhhmm.

I know I've really grown as a person because instead of getting so excited about the crib and trying to put it together myself, I am going to wait for Jesse (the patient one, the detail-oriented one, the engineer, the perfectionist) to do it. 

At Sacred Heart Schools around the country, five educational goals are shared. One of them is, "personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom" where you learn about yourself, namely your gifts and limitations. Well going to an all-girls school I learned my gifts pretty quickly, my limitations....that took a little longer. So I'm not even going to try and put this crib together. I love our baby too much to try and build this thing.

Not being very detailed-oriented and not being very patient are a troubling combination when you're waiting for your husband to get home from a long days work to build the crib! So I've spent my timing browsing nurseries for inspiration and now I really want to buy a stuffed animal.

I'm trying to decide how to decorate the nursery! You can see what I've been pinning for inspiration!