I'm pretty sure that pregnancy is just one verrry long test of one's patience. Let me explain- in a world where I can click three times and a new pair of shoes arrives at my door in two days, or press one button and a black car arrives to take me to my next destination, or when I simply hold my finger down on my home button on my iPhone 6 and I can pay for all of my stuff at Sephora, Walgreens, and Nordstrom, it's hard to wait 40 weeks for the most amazing person to arrive (well, only 24 more!). The worst is waiting in between doctors appointments!! It's torture!

This Christmas and New Year I am asking for more patience! On the patient scale I am a very conditional patient person- waiting in line actually doesn't bother me (too much), waiting to give a gift to someone, well, I just can't wait. I think I've already told three people what I got them for Christmas and even gave Jesse a present early. What I'm realizing is that I have a lot of patience for the annoying stuff, but not for the good stuff! I just want to share it right away.

Waiting to tell people we were pregnant was an interesting experience because, on the one hand, I wanted to share the news, but on the other hand I was cautious and wanted to wait until we were through the first trimester.

Luckily for me, I am married to the MOST patient man in the world. Just spending time with Jesse over the past five years has made me more patient. One way to become more patient is to actually become more self-aware. I've learned so much about myself and knew that I shouldn't put the crib together myself (you can read about that here). You can watch the video below of us building the crib. It was a blast and the whole time I was thinking to myself, "I am so glad that I didn't try this on my own!" From that experience I realized my problem with putting things together- I usually can't identify which screw is which one and so I use the wrong screw in the wrong place. 

So what do I do to practice increasing my patience? I read this interesting article on Psychology Today about practicing patience and was reminded that self-awareness is key. In the short-term I have found myself distracting myself. 

Here are some of the things I do to distract myself (the argument could be made that I am replacing one gratification for the another...but hey, I'm still trying to work on this!):

Working out and getting a massage: I love going to our gym for a quick work out, shower, and then a 75 minute massage. I had my first pre-natal massage last week and it was amazing! I thought it wasn't going to be as effective laying on my side but it was really nice to mix it up and the pillow was amazing!!!

Hanging out with friends: Yesterday we spent time with our friends just hanging out along the Embarcadero, chatting and having fun. It was a great way to spend a Sunday.

Watching holiday movies: I'll Be Home for Christmas, Four Christmases, Love Actually, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Planning parties: I've been planning the BuildingConnected Holiday party that's this weekend! Stay tune for more details about the party next week!

Pampering myself: I love getting my hair done at Bloom Blow Dry Bar or seeing my best friend Michelle at Lyon Street Salon. I'm going today to get a hair cut and I can't wait to see her! She always offers the best advice!

Researching baby products: There are SOOO many baby products out there and it's hard to know which ones are useful and which ones just have great marketing departments. So I asked Michelle to share a few baby products that she likes. Her beautiful girl is almost six months old!

Zutano Cozie Fleece Bootie (best socks because they don't fall off ... they snap on)

Keekaroo Peanut Changer (put it on top of any surface and you have a changing table, easy to clean up, very safe)

Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym (we call it "the babysitter", kids love it and it's great for their development)

Munchery Account (sooooo important to feed yourself well when you're a new home, especially if you're breastfeeding. Munchery saved the day more than once with healthy meals and my mother-in-law gave us a gift card that was amazing).

Togethera App (a private Instagram, great for sharing photos with family without boring the heck out of your friends)