Well after last night's fabulous Holiday party at Jenna's house (we've been doing this our entire lives since our moms have been best friends since 3rd grade at SVdP), I am in the HOLIDAY SPIRIT!!!! Look at all of those gorgeous babes!!! Looking at the picture, I couldn't help but think Rockettes!! From the picture you can tell how beautiful everyone is on the outside, but maybe what you can't tell is how fun, creative, talented, hilarious, kind, and inspiring all of these women are!!

Jesse and I did not get a Christmas tree this year for two reasons: one, we are still getting settled in our new place and yes, still waiting for our couch!!! (It took everything in me to not use expletives there but I know my dad reads my blog every day :) Hi Timoteo!) Second, we sold all of our Christmas decorations at our garage sale!

It was so fun to be with great people, laughing, seeing my BFF Jerry who lives in Paris with his wife Delphine (read my post about her here!), visiting with everyone, and sharing about pregnancy since everyone knows the good news!

My Christmas shopping is done (I've said that almost 1,000 times) and I can't wait for Christmas to finally be here! The sun is shining in San Francisco today but I can't help but dream of a White Christmas as I wrap my presents and listen to Glee Holiday!! Here are the perfect pairs for a White Christmas-- all under $100!!

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