// Eyes:  Schwing! Liquid Eyeliner // Mascara: Body Builder // Blush: Hot Mama Blush // High-lighter for Eyes and Cheeks: Mary-Lou Manizer // Lip Stick: Mia Moore // Lip Gloss: Read My Lips in Hubba Hubba

I am excited to share my third and favorite look from my partnership with The Balm Cosmetics!! Who doesn't love winged eyes and a red lip. The Balm's make-up artist Keira (can you believe how talented she is! Look at how diverse the three looks that she created on me are. You can see the previous two here and here) put a little twist on this holiday look by adding a little magenta lip gloss to the red lips. It makes it feel modern and fresh!

It was really fun to partner with The Balm and to be adventurous with my make up since, for the most part, I always wear the same look: winged eyes with a bold lip. This is my go-to look for the next couple of weeks as I count down to 2015! 

I've mentioned it before, but this Saturday night is Jesse's company's holiday party. I am looking forward to celebrating with Jesse, his co-workers (since he sees them more than he sees me), their customers, investors, and family and sporting this look.

It's holiday festive so I will probably go with something playful and fun! What are your favorite holiday looks this season?

ps- I just have to laugh at photos of myself when I am not smiling- I look like a goober! I really don't take myself seriously so it's so funny to see these serious faces! :)


pants: Milly // shoes: Christian Louboutin (love this pair) // sweater: target // purse: Chanel