I just felt like I should remind everyone that using the word perfect for everything is a little in jest, a little self-deprecating, and a little bit ironic. When I started Perfect 10 SF, it was the first name I came up with and I knew it was *perfect*. I started all of my posts with Perfect P.... because I love the alliteration. Above is the VERY first picture Jesse took of my for the blog. It was pretty cool that it was featured in the Chronicle and Racked SF.

Here are a few other names I would have used had I not been struck with the creative lightning of Perfect 10 SF:

MIDDLE CHILD STYLE (needs no explanation)

MY ARMS ARE FULL (I feel like I am always walking with my arms full of stuff)


BIG FOOT (not very graceful)

Thinking about starting a blog? For some, coming up with a name is the hardest part!

 Use the blog name generator from The Cut!

A few suggestions I received from The Cut: 

Battlestar Balenciaga // Skipping Breakfast at Tiffany's // Avocado Fashion Toast


Regardless of the name, I just have to thank everyone for reading my blog! I try and explain to people that my blog is a blog for people who don't read blogs. As I venture into more pregnancy and parenting posts, I hope the humor and style continues!

xo, Caroline

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