So, here we are at 17 weeks! It was nice to see lots of friends and family over the weekend and share the news in person about Baby Pedersen. We've been calling it Petunia or Pete because, again, the alliteration is fun!

I hardly have a bump but I've noticed that my clothes (some of my favorite ones, especially) are getting a little tighter! Most people still cannot tell that I am pregnant, which I am totally fine with. The doctor said my bump will pop out in the New Year.

We find out the sex in mid-January- I can't wait to finally know! Here's a quick update on how I am feeling and other fun stuff:

17 Weeks Overview

Baby is the size of: An Onion!

Common Side Effects: Weird dreams (I've always had those), Itchy Skin (Not at all), Rapid Weight Gain (Nope)

Cravings: None! SO disappointed about this one! I guess maybe the only cravings I've had would be for salt and pepper! No, not the 90s group. I just want salty foods and foods with a kick. I've been eating more hamburgers (love going to ROAM), but I think that's because my body wants more iron.

Headaches: I didn't have any headaches first trimester and I swear to God, I read something that said headaches were more common in the second trimester because your blood vessels are expanding and ever since that day I have been getting headaches. Far less now, but around week 15 I was getting a headache every day. But it was different than your normal headache, it felt more like a pulling than a pounding. I didn't take any medication (although, Tylenol is safe to take). I found that closing my eyes for a little bit would help it go away.

Complaints: My only complaint is that my lower back has been hurting a lot. It's really hard for me to sit for a long period of time. I got a prenatal massage a few weeks ago and it was absolute heaven! I am getting one this week because I feel like someone punched me and I have a bruise on my back!

Weight Gain: When we went to the doctor last Friday I found out that I have gained 5 pounds! I'm really not too concerned about the numbers, I just want to make sure I am gaining an appropriate amount at a healthy speed. It's healthy to gain 5 pounds the first trimester and a pound a week up until delivery.

Articles I have enjoyed reading: Why Dad Talk is Important and Conflict in the Family: Why Mom and Dad Should Say Sorry.

Other Funny Things: The increased ear wax has subsided. Our nursery just has the crib in it-- we are waiting to find out the sex. I ask every single person their name to see if it's a possible baby name. I can't tell if I am excited or dreading the first day I have to wear maternity pants.


From the Bump.Com

From the Bump.Com

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