Growing up in San Francisco there are always those people whose names you know and who you would see every once in a while because your parents were friends. Well, Michelle is one of those people for me. Our moms had been friends since their high school days and have a lot of mutual friends. Michelle lived down the street from Jenna, so I would always see her around but we never really had the chance to get to know one another.

Luckily, we were able to connect before the holidays and grab coffee. It turns out that Michelle and I have a lot in common! We're both in graduate programs at the University of San Francisco, newly weds, and have a love for shopping! Meeting with Michelle was great and it was fun to share fashion insider details, chat about Perfect 10 SF, and of course, I wouldn't let her leave without telling me all about the behind the scenes information she had from her days working at Neiman Marcus in Union Square.

With a great eye for fashion, I asked Michelle to curate some of the perfect pairs she had her eye on. She was so excited to share, that she went home and immediately sent me all of these gorgeous pairs! They were all on her Christmas wish list, so we will need an update from her on what exactly Santa brought her!

I also had to include this gorgeous photo of her from her wedding day!!! She looks absolutely perfect!

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