With my favorite Christmas present- The Snoogle.

With my favorite Christmas present- The Snoogle.

Happy Monday!!! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and weekend! I've spent my time cleaning, exercising, going to my favorite place in San Francisco- Golden Gate Park, reading, and visiting with family and friends- oh and watching my favorite show, Shark Tank!

Here I am at 18 weeks! I can't believe I only have 22 more weeks to go! You can read my update from last week here.


Baby is the size of: A Sweet Potato about 5.6 inches

Common Side Effects

Trouble Sleeping- I definitely haven't had that! Maybe it's because I've been so busy with the holiday parties and events, but I have been sleeping really well. Or maybe it's because of my new SNOOGLE (pictured above). I had been hinting, then suggesting, then begging Jesse for one. I really didn't think he was going to get it for me (mostly because he claims I already have too many pillows on the bed) and I was very excited to receive it. You would think it was a pair of Chanel shoes the way I got so excited!

Leg Cramps- I haven't had any of these because I've been exercising and stretching a lot. I've taken the week off of going to the gym for classes or swimming, mostly because we've been so busy. It was pretty funny though- last week, I think on Tuesday, I woke up in the middle of the night with a charlie horse in my foot and I just sat straight up and calmly said, "Jesse my foot is cramping" and then burst out laughing because I couldn't get it to stop. Normally I can just flex my foot and get it to go away, but this one was tricky. Be warned: they don't feel like your typical muscle spasms. It felt more like a sharp object was being stuck in the middle of the bottom of my foot-- like a nail. It finally went away and all I could do was laugh.

Back Aches- Yes, I've had these for a while but they've actually gotten better because of the prenatal massage I got on Christmas Eve and because I've been doing the cat/ cow yoga stretches. Those help A LOT! I do them a couple of times a day.

Nose Bleeds- These are common because of the increased pressure on veins in the nose. Luckily, I haven't had these!

Complaints: I don't really have any! Things have been going very well and everyone keeps asking me how I'm feeling. The headaches have subsided and I feel great. I definitely have noticed a change in my stamina. Before I was able to complete almost any physical challenge with ease, now I feel the way you do during your first workout back after being sick- just tired and lower endurance.

I guess my other complaint is that I'm sort of in limbo when it comes to clothing- all of my clothes still fit me and I definitely don't fit into maternity clothes. Which is really great but it's taking a lot of discipline to not purchase any new clothes because I know in a few weeks time they won't fit! It's been hard with all of the great after-Christmas sales!

Grateful: I am very grateful that I feel good! I know this is truly a blessing. If you know me, you know that I will stop and talk to everyone and anyone. I feel connected to other pregnant women and new moms and always strike up a conversation with them about their pregnancy. A lot of women share how sick they were. I am just grateful that I've been able to be active.

I am also very grateful for the thoughtful baby gifts we received for Christmas. Everyone was so generous and it's exciting to see the nursery come together.

Weight Gain: 6.5 lbs or let's just call a spade a spade and say 7 lbs. I blame the holiday food.

Things I have enjoyed recently: OMG! I think it is the funniest thing to go on Instagram and search the hashtag #18weeks and see the WIDE variety of baby bumps!!! For some reason I find this extremely entertaining! Some people look like they just ate too much, while others look like they are ready to deliver. It just cracks me up!

Other fun things: We have our doctors appointment scheduled for the second week in January to find out the sex! What are people's thoughts on finding out? Luckily, Jesse and I were in agreement that we wanted to know the sex. I thought this was an interesting article on the topic, 7 Reasons to Not Find Out the Sex of the Baby.

You do not need to be pregnant to enjoy the comforts of the Snoogle!

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