Happy New Year's Eve! All of the bad memories, sins, regrets, and missed opportunities will finally be behind us all come a few short hours! I really believe in transitions and fresh starts and cannot wait for the year ahead.

Every retail company and blogger is trying to capitalize on your procrastination, bad style, poor choices, or laziness and push clothes and makeup so you can have a great night. I'm not going to do that (at least in this post). Instead, I'm going to share with you the success for starting 2015 correctly: make-up remover wipes.

If you didn't catch yesterday's post on thriving, not just surviving NYE, you can read it here. But I forgot to mention the key to waking up more like a queen and less like a drag: say it with me, "make-up remover wipes!!!"

NYE is all about judging others and their poor decisions. Save your energy-- I've done the judging for you and reviewed the make up wipes to save you time so you can get your glittery manicure and brazilian bikini wax in time for tonight's festivities.

PONDS: Let's start with my favorite here. They are the best bang for your buck. I usually buy them at Walgreens. Before we moved I had them on recurring delivery from Amazon. They are a good price, good quality, and work well. I use these most days.

FRESH STARTSI am a little biased because it is my friend from USD Kelly's family business. They are great at removing make-up and are by far the most durable and the thickest wipe. They are individually wrapped (!!!) and make them the best for travel, stocking stuffers, throwing in a purse if you're on the go.

FIRST AID BEAUTYI do not recommend these! I thought it would be good to mix it up and go for something a little bit more expensive from Sephora and I love the lotion and lip protectant from F.A.B. but they are super irritating and not gentle at all! I was really disappointed in these wipes. Do not use these on your eyes- they sting very badly! When my sister Claire spent the night last week she used them and screamed like Kevin from Home Alone when she wiped her eyes.

MAC WIPES: There are definitely the best smelling wipes on the market. They smell like a floral perfume! A pack of these wipes usually lasts me a couple of months because I use them so infrequently. I like to use them to do a wipe-down of my face prior to putting on make-up (because that's what all of the MAC artists do when you get your makeup done).

JOSIE MORAN BEAR NAKED WIPESI like these wipes a lot! They are gentle but I don't feel like they are aggressive enough at taking of my makeup. I purchase them from Sephora every once in a while, mostly when I remember to. I gave them a whirl because I really like the Josie Moran Argan Oil and use it on my hair, hands, and neck (and even cracked feet!).

ESTÉE LAUDER WIPES: I LOVE these wipes. They offer the best quality and are very gentle and work really well at removing makeup. They are the most expensive and I usually get these every once in a while because I use Estee Lauder day face products almost exclusively and like using one brand for skincare. They are $20 for a set for 45 but well worth it.