After being tight-lipped about this very exciting news, I am thrilled to share that Jesse and I are expecting our first child!!! I am 15 weeks pregnant and our due date is June 1st, 2015 and we could not be more excited! 

There were two main reasons why I was waiting to share the news: first, I wanted to make sure that we made it past the first trimester safely. Second, I wanted to make sure I shared the news with the Principal at the school I am doing my traineeship at this year. When I told her on Friday she was extremely kind and excited. I am so lucky to be working there this year!

It's quite a funny story about how we found out we were pregnant! It was a surprise to us, but when we started telling our friends it was always their first guess about what our news was. Things are probably coming together now, right? We moved to a new two- bedroom apartment for our little nugglet to have his/her own room (we find out the sex in January). I mean, we couldn't have the baby sleeping in the kitchen or living room at our one-bedroom!

The new baby was a surprise and the story is pretty funny (but that's how my life always has been!). In August I scheduled a doctors appointment for a physical in October so I could get pre-pregnancy health tips before we started a family in the beginning of 2015. The night before my physical, Jesse and I were talking about the next six months: me finishing up my grad program, traveling to Prague, Stockholm, Denmark and more (I almost bought the tickets that night because there was such a good deal), his company, and how we wanted to have a baby after Claire and Mike's wedding!

Well, life sure is funny. At the doctor's appointment I answered all of the questions and paused when she asked if there was a possibility I was pregnant. I said no, but had a funny feeling (this is when everyone says to me, "why the hell didn't you take a test right then and there?!"). So I left the physical with the doctor saying everything looked great and was in great health. I immediately left and went to Walgreens to buy a pregnancy test. I went home and took two-- PREGNANT!! This was Monday, October 13. I had just had a job interview that morning with Julie Benioff-Young (Marc Benioff's sister) and we hit it off and I felt really great about the future. Little did I know that I was pregnant!!

So I take the two tests, call Jesse in a tornado of emotions and say, "COME HOME NOW!!!!". I couldn't believe I was pregnant. I thought the two tests were false positives. I called the doctor and said I'm coming back in!!! This was 25 minutes after I had just left! I took another pregnancy test at the doctors and it was POSITIVE. But, I still wasn't convinced! I didn't feel pregnant! Jesse met me at the doctors and we were both in disbelief! I went home and called my mom-- she thought I was calling to say I got the job with Julie-- and was just as shocked when I said, "MOM! I'M PREGNANT! DON'T TELL DAD!" (I really felt like a teen mom in that moment!ha!).

This was the worst part of the whole thing: WAITING!!! I had to wait from Monday, October 13 to Friday, November 7 to go back to the doctor for the first ultrasound. Those four weeks were torture!!! Physically I felt great so I felt like there was no way I was pregnant-- shouldn't I be sick? Throwing up? Exhausted? Constipated? I was none of those things! Going to the doctor on the 7th was pretty surreal. I'm so lucky to have Jesse as my husband and go through this once-in-a-lifetime-first-child experience with. Seeing the baby move on that morning was the craziest thing I've ever seen or experienced. Everyone said hearing the heartbeat for the first time is what makes it real. Not for me (it sounded like windshield wipers)-- seeing the baby move was mind-boggling!! 

I would not have been able to get through that waiting period without my two best friends at Sacred Heart, Carol and Nancy. They were my support system and offered so much support, advice, encouragement, and love. Nancy is an RN and offered me invaluable medical advice. The pregnancy was the main reason I decided to leave SHP earlier than originally planned. I don't think any students even know!!


I am THRILLED to share my journey with everyone. It's been amazing so far and I am so grateful for all of the support I've received. I'm also excited to share my pregnancy style in PERFECT PIECES, and to share lots of great baby items, while still blogging about PERFECT PAIRS and PERFECT PLACES. I'm also really looking forward to writing about relationships, parenting, and more psychology material that I have learned about in my master's program. Follow my PERFECT PREGNANCY posts here!

I'm also thinking that since I'm putting a hold on buying a lot of things that the blog will become more of a visual inspiration place and will shift to more of a lifestyle blog. Follow along as I chronicle the hilarious sides to this experience! Thank you so much for all of your support!! I really appreciate it!! PS- Start throwing out baby names!! I'd love to hear them!!!