Can you see our baby's profile? <3

Can you see our baby's profile? <3

Thanks for reading this post about my pregnancy! I know that everyone has a unique pregnancy experience and mine has been so wonderful so far and I'd love to share what I've learned. I know that some people are here for the shoes and might be really disinterested in reading about my pregnancy, which I completely understand as well. If you didn't catch the story of how I found out I was pregnant, you can read it here. I had such a smooth first trimester- no fatigue, no nausea, no cravings, no nothing. It was a little bit surprising to not have any of those big markers of the first trimester but I am very grateful.

Here are a few things that I learned and thought about during my first 12 weeks.

One // Don't ask someone if they are pregnant. People will share when they are ready. People are waiting for lots of reasons-- mine were uncertainty about actually being pregnant and about wanting to make sure I was safely through the first trimester. Please, I beg, don't ask people who are married if they are pregnant. I know you are excited (I used to do this too), but really, give them space. It takes a lot of will-power to keep it in and asking and hinting about it makes it even more difficult. 

Two // The only symptom I had was more earwax! Isn't that funny! I felt like I was cleaning my ears twice as much. It's because during pregnancy bodies produce the hormone progesterone which makes everything increase. It's what's getting you ready to produce milk.

Three // Things have changed a lot since my parents had their lovely five kids. My mom was giving me all kinds of advice. It was very helpful, but what I found most helpful was The Bump App. It's funny that they use fruits and vegetables to inform you of the size of your baby, especially when you happen to have just eaten one of those pieces, but I loved the clear, concise information. I highly recommend it!

Four // You definitely pee more when you're pregnant. In the first trimester it's because of the increase in the hormone progesterone (you learn it's responsible for a lot of stuff- just think of it as an increaser-hormone). Frequency decreases in the second trimester, but it increases again in the third, but because of the baby pushing on your bladder. Invest in good toilet paper.

Five // I've found it very helpful to read books about when the baby arrives. I've been loving Baby 411. My sister Caitlin gave it to me and it's been really interesting. Especially the chapters about feeding your baby- I have no clue about frequency and quantity. A lot of times when babies are crying parents think they are hungry, when they are actually gassy, tired, or need to exert energy. As a result, parents overfeed them and babies get too many calories aka very big!

Six // It's a crazy, crazy world out there when it comes to strollers. They are expensive, confusing, it's difficult to keep the brands and models straight, and their websites look like car websites!! Stay tuned for more information on strollers, I'm planning on doing research (more than just me stalking everyone in Noe Valley and asking what type of stroller they have and if they like it).

Seven // We have been going to OneMedical for our Prenatal Care and will be delivering at the new UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in Mission Bay-- which is perfect since Jesse is at the gym a lot. I have a feeling I'm going to drive myself to the hospital and he is going to be playing pick-up at the gym and just run over in his sweaty clothes. At least we'll both be sweaty when the baby arrives! We've had a lovely experience and good healthcare is really important to us. At our first appointment I kept thinking how lucky we were to have good care. It made me really sad to think about families who do not have great access to prenatal care. I love Homeless Prenatal Program in SF and want to get more involved with them. I tried to volunteer there last year but it didn't work with my schedule. I'm going to send them a donation in the New Year.

Eight // Diet: This is a tricky one! All of the resources say to eat lots of vegetables, give up deli meats, soft cheeses, and anything that isn't pasteureized. The main concern is that bacteria can get into your body and harm your growing baby. Luckily, I didn't have any food aversions. I would just wake up starving and the only thing that I wanted was a bagel and cream cheese. I had a bagel every day for the first trimester-- maybe that's why I didn't have any morning sickness. I was bummed to have no cravings for ice cream, since that's my favorite food. I actually didn't feel like it at all-- I only wanted salty foods!! The low point was when I snuck some Sour Cream and Onion Pringles from Jesse-- I couldn't keep it a secret for long and he was so upset when he found out! I just had to find the saltiest thing on the planet. Oh, and soy sauce! I wanted soy sauce sooo badly!!!Needless to say, I've been eating healthier. 

Nine // Baby brain-- we've all heard of it and probably wrote it off as another excuse for pregnant women to get away with stuff. But people, it happened to me and it was terrifying. It wasn't like I couldn't remember someones name. It felt like I had Alzheimer's for a second there. I had just purchased a blouse from Nordstrom and went to the Apple store to get an iPhone case. When I was leaving I realized I felt a little lighter. I had a panic attack. Where did I leave that Nordstrom bag with my new Vince top!? I was searching every where. The employee pointed out that it was right on the table. It was terrifying! I can't emphasize that enough. The only good part of the experience was that I got a glimpse into what it might be like for others with dementia-- I thought this was beneficial for my counseling career. I felt like my brain was tricking me! It was so scary.

Ten // Exercising- it was hard to realize that as soon as I got pregnant I probably would have to give up playing in basketball and soccer leagues with my friends. The doctor said you can keep doing the same level of physical intensity as long as there is no risk for contact or falling-- have you ever seen me play team sports? I've been walking, swimming, and doing pilates instead. It's been really nice to move at a slower place, but I really do miss running.

I'm 15 weeks and I can't wait until 20 weeks when we find out if it's a boy or a girl!! I guess I'll just have to buy stuff for both sexes until we know!