First, I have to start off by saying THANK YOU so much to everyone for your support about our exciting news! It was really very touching and Jesse and I are so grateful for all of the well-wishes sent our way! THANK YOU!!! If you missed the memo that Jesse and I are expecting, you can read it here!

rsvp card.jpg

I feel like recently a lot of people have been asking Jesse and I how long we have been married. Both of us always pause and try and think-- it just seems like we've been married forever! It's been two and a half years since 06.09.12. Before settling on that *perfect* date (numbers are VERY important to me)  I was considering a winter or even New Year's Eve wedding! 

I wanted to share our RSVP card from our invitation because it still makes me smile so much! When we were moving I came across the box of response cards with everyone's clever answers- I swear, one of these days I will put them all in a scrapbook like I always planned!

Here are the ten things on my mind on this Tuesday (they all have to do with weddings):

One // Since I stopped drinking coffee in April and it's advised to not drink tea while pregnant (because the FDA doesn't regulate tea and so it's unconfirmed what's in it, doctors recommend avoiding it), I've been drinking a lot of hot chocolate. I mentioned it before- but I've become a hot chocolate lover! Especially around the holidays. Wouldn't a hot chocolate bar at a winter wedding be so darling?

Two // LOTS OF WHITE for a winter wedding. You can also have pops of red for a more traditional look, or go with silvers and blues. It's no surprise I would probably do the reds. Here are some good options from J.Crew for some bridesmaids dresses.

Three// Ouch. It doesn't look like there are that many great flowers in December for a wedding. Using flowers that are in season always help keep the cost low! I think you might have to do roses or peonies. I had peonies as my wedding bouquet and they were gorgeous! I love this bouquet with white peonies and ranunculus flowers! 

Four // The Royal Couple is in New York visiting the US and they are drawing quite the crowd! Loving this winter wedding inspiration from Kate Middleton.

Five // Music is one of the most important aspects at a wedding reception! Have you heard this year's mashup of all of the top songs by DJ Ear Worm? You can listen here.

Six // Wouldn't it be every little girl's dream to be a flower girl AND dress like Elsa from Frozen?! I think it would be so funny to do that! 

Seven // Perfect partner? Better ask the important questions before you get married! I love reading Psychology Today and saw this article and wanted to share it with newly engaged couples (or married couples if they never asked these questions). "Six Questions to Ask Your Partner Before You Get Married."

Eight // I love looking at Pinterest for table setting ideas for every occasion. You can follow me on Pinterest here! 


Nine // Can't forget about the groom! 

Ten // Last but not least: the shoes that would be *perfect* for a winter wedding!!!!