I'm excited to share the second look from my partnership with The Balm Cosmetics!! It was fun to do something a little different with my look. Keira thought a metallic green around my eyes would look good and I have to say, I think it sure is fun and makes my eyes pop! For this look I would wear a sequin dress-- I love this one in green- it's festive and will definitely make you stand out! I opted for all silver accessories and love this lucite Chanel cuff! The clutch is from Edie Parker. I LOVE all of the holiday clutches but think the "Hot" one is perfect for year-round. While I have a very timeless style and am drawn to classic pieces, I can't help but let the tacky Cher/ Dolly Parton / Bette Middler side of me out when it comes to accessories. I think they're so fun!!! They're a great way to show a little personality. It was so funny- my sister and I were in Chanel and at the exact same time she said, "I hate that bracelet" as I said "I love it!" It was the Chanel Candy Bracelet-- have you seen it? What's your take on it?

I hope everyone has some fun holiday plans this week! There are lots of great events going on the next couple of weeks! I am excited for the Styl.d by Party at Gap Flood and Fashion Tech Party tonight and the Kate Spade party and RocksBox parties at Westfield tomorrow. Have a great day! xo, CC