Whenever I take the quizzes, "guess which character you are from this tv show?", I am always the independent female character. I was surprised to get Khalessi from the Game of Thrones quiz. I see myself as more of an Arya and best friends with Khalessi.

If Khalessi lived in San Francisco, we would be perfect pals. I have a feeling she would make me walk everywhere. I would take her to Neiman Marcus, brunch with her at the Rotunda, and unleash her at the Shoe Salon (I think we would have to invite the Hound too-- he seems like a closet shoe fiend, doesn't he?).

I've read all of the books and I love that the fate of the 7 kingdoms comes down to these two female characters and they fight and she wins. <-----My fake spoiler alert. But ps- Joffrey is dead!

Khalessi is definitely a perfect 10 for both guys and girls. Here are my perfect 10 pump picks for the real queen bee and her minion dragons. Gosh, these shoes are amazing.

tom ford. laser-cut suede pump, cobalt.

tom ford. laser-cut suede pump, cobalt.