San Francisco is the PERFECT place. I have always been so proud to call San Francisco my home. Before moving to Noe Valley, I lived in Pacific Heights. Since I was so close to the Golden Gate Bridge, I would always pay a visit to one of the most perfect places in the city. I would run the 1.7 miles each way for exercise, stopping to offer to take photos from tourists who wanted a full body shot instead of the awkward selfie. 

Construction on the bridge started in 1933 and ended in 1937. For the 50th anniversary, the bridge was closed to cars and pedestrians were allowed to walk on the 6 lanes. My parents took Danny and Caitlin to walk and took me in a stroller (I will try and find the picture).

The bridge is a San Francisco icon and inspires all San Franciscans and visitors. Here are my perfect 10 pairs inspired by the one and only GGB.