For my first job after college, I had the pleasure of working at San Francisco Ballet School. It was a lot like Center Stage, with Jamiroquai playing 24/7.

Working in the school I got to see students take classes, have rehearsals, perform in the Nutcracker, peek in on Company rehearsals, and even watch costume and pointe shoe fittings.

The elegance and glamour onstage is the direct result of the dedication, sweat, and hours of rehearsals that ballet dancers put in behind the scenes. Since leaving the SFBS almost five years ago, it has been wonderful to see some of the students I knew when I worked there dance for the Company.

This perfect 10 post is dedicated to all of the dancers at San Francisco Ballet, who bring such history, joy, beauty and culture to San Francisco. I've picked a few perfect 10 shoes that are inspired by the perfect pointe shoe. Merde!

pointe shoes.

pointe shoes.