Since it's beginning as a handbag and fur shop in 1925, Fendi has always been know for it's luxury items. 1997 marked a big year for Fendi when creative director for accessories, Silivia Venturini Fendi, introduced the Fendi Baguette bag. The success of the little bag to be carried under the arm, like the bread of the same name, spread Fendi around the world. More than 1,000 versions with unique materials and colors make it an essential and perfect accessory.

With it's history rooted in fur and bags, it has made the perfect step towards iconic shoes. Word has it that Fendi has been working on using drones to show its runway fashions. 

Here are the perfect 10 Fendi pairs that have caught my eye and are perfect to go with your Baguette Bag.

Fashioncaroline curran