Miriam is another wonderful woman that I had the pleasure of meeting in high school. We have had many adventures together and I'll never forget our travels through Europe. The perfect way to describe Miriam is sophisticated (and I want to say mischievous, but that's for another post).

It makes perfect sense that this refined woman would start her own company, LazyJack Press, an elegant silk tie company. Oh, but that was after she graduated from law school. Is there anything Miriam can't do?

She says, " Our designs are unique and some are very 'cheeky'. I think it's fun to have our plain woven tie, for example, which is called the Mullet and in the back it's lined with our solo cup (Re-Rack) design. Get it-- business in the front, party in the back?" 

When Miriam isn't thinking about LazyJack Press, she is thinking about shoes. Here are her perfect 10 pairs!