Meghan and I met through a friend a couple of years ago. We instantly hit it off because of our love for volleyball, high heels, and karaoke. We haven't seen each other in a while because she is always on the move. I'm happy to have Meghan as my perfect first guest post!! 



Meghan's Perfect Post:

After spending my twenties as an independent, fashion-loving, yoga-enthused, former-collegiate-volleyball-player trying to find herself in the big-city-corporate-world, I fell in love with a man who is absolutely wonderful and treats me better than I sometimes think I deserve. My now fiancé is a professional polo player and, being in this very unique and interesting lifestyle means we travel A LOT. I don’t remember the last time we were in one country for more than six consecutive weeks. Polo, more or less, follows the sun and, as such, we travel from northern to southern hemispheres surrounded by the breadth of cultures that seem to meet and become one with the unity of polo, the sport of kings. With all of this said, I get to see fashions from many different places and it does nothing, but feed the part of me that is oh-so-fashion-loving. 

But, from the handcrafted leather goods of Argentina, to the flowing cotton and linen tops of Mexico, to the cozy cashmere sweaters of England, I still appreciate what the good ol’ U. S. of A. has to offer when it comes to fashion, particularly shoes. Now, with shoes, I always have my go-to’s wherever we go- my white Chucks for casual days to plane rides, a couple of Sam Edelman gladiators, one pair of black heels, one of nude heels, two pairs of flats (I really am liking Cole Haans right now), and a pair of running shoes (lord knows I need to keep up running workouts with the dulce de leche, wine, and tequila intake that makes up a decent percentage of my diet) . But, you could easily say that boots are my favorite shoe, which is depressing because how many boots can one fit in a suitcase?

So, when shopping at one of my favorite luxury department stores (Neiman Marcus) I have to simplify my boot shopping to three necessary qualifications. First, they must be comfortable. It will be a cold day in hell before I go jaunting through an airport security line in uncomfortable boots. Second, they must pack well. When the shaft is too stiff, putting boots in a suitcase is nearly impossible. And, third, they must be top quality. With the miles I spend walking polo fields, cities, and airports, my boots must hold up. So, here are my top three perfect 10 boot choices.

caroline curran