The Warriors have had a less than a perfect playoff series-- but that is about to change! All eyes are on the Clippers because of the recent controversy with Clipper's owner Donald Sterling and his offensive remarks, but all bay area hearts are with the Warriors. We need Curry and his teammates to fight CP3, Blake, and Matt Barnes.

Since it is a home game, Oracle arena will be going nuts tonight. The Warriors are always so generous and hand out shirts to the crowd with phrases like, "we believe" and "we are warriors". I am curious to see what tonight's shirt says. For those of us who cannot make the game, we will be wearing our blue and gold and screaming at our tvs.

I did a previous post on shoes for perfect Warriors fans and I think it was good luck. Here is another post on perfect 10 shoes for Warriors Fans with shoes exclusively from Zara ( I have a funny story about Zara later).