may the 4th be with you. my jedis.

may the 4th be with you. my jedis.

I wrote a post yesterday on perfect princess Ivanka Trump and it made me think about the original princess: Princess Leia from Star Wars. I had seen the movies as a kid and always enjoyed them. Jesse absolutely loves all of the Star Wars movies and said he wouldn't marry me until we had a marathon so that I could see all of them in order.

When asked to describe Princess Leia, Jesse said, "Princess Leia was a brave leader who fought for her people and looked amazing in a gold bikini."***

Last year, we celebrated annual Star Wars day on May 4th (may the 4th be with you, get it?) by attending a private screening of the original movie at We had this opportunity because Jesse won a contest. He had to convince the organizers why he should be able to go. His entry was, "I told my wife that before me she was looking for love in Alderon places." He is so clever! 

Here are the perfect 10 pairs for our brave leader, Princess Leia.

***Jesse said something a little different but I had to edit it to keep this site appropriate.