These Isabel Marant Holden slides look like they have been puffed up with air. The simple, 90s feel is so different than the elaborate and intricate metal work that we are used to seeing on Ms. Marant's pumps, boots, and sandals.

They are like french birkenstocks (which are making a comeback, but I swear, I will never wear them!). I like the Holden in the platform version the best.

I wonder why she named them Holden. Do you think she has read "Catcher in the Rye"? Wow-- take me back to junior year of high school.

Before he passed away in 2010, J.D. Salinger was a recluse. Whenever I hear that someone is a hermit, I always have to google image them and make sure that I know exactly what they look like just in case I stumble upon them. I always had this feeling like I was going to see J.D. Salinger. It never happened, so I guess I'll have to get these IM pairs to feel close to Salinger and Holden.

could every man feel this way, please?

could every man feel this way, please?