I've been meaning to do a post about my perfect pal and perfect sister Colleen for some time now. I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance, so I asked Colleen to do a guest post for me. 

perfect picture? perfect painting? perfect pal colleen.

perfect picture? perfect painting? perfect pal colleen.

Guest Blogger, Perfect Pal, and favorite sister here, but you can call me Colleen. Ah, Mother’s Day lingers in the air. The card aisles of stores, though quiet and almost uninhabited for now, will be swimming with a sea of people scrambling to pick out a last minute sentimental $4.95 gesture before the deadline of Saturday (well, let’s be honest Sunday… at 9am. Also, if you’re wondering why I’m spending $4.95 on a card, it’s obviously one of those singing cards that scared the bejesus out of me while in the store).


Luckily for my mother, we have the same shoe size, so we can share shoes. Unluckily for me, all of her shoes are a bit “mature” for my style. The great thing about it though, is that mother’s day shopping is a breeze! This year I am getting her a perfect pair of shoes and essentially, I get to go try on a bunch of different shoes! The last gift-giving holiday I got her a pair of gorgeous Ralph Lauren riding boots because she would always ask to borrow mine (no, neither one of us actually rides horses, but if we did, we’d look darn good).


 This week I’m searching for the Perfect Pair for the Perfect Mom, Celine. Wish me luck!